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5 Tips for Successful Content Marketing

If you run a business, creating content is way for you to interact with current and potential customers, develop brand loyalty, and ultimately allow your business to grow. However, just producing the content isn’t enough—you need to know how to market it strategically. Take a look at the tips below to make the best of your content marketing.

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Why Inbound Marketing Is Critical (Even When Your Business Is Booming)

When business is going well, companies may pull their foot off the gas when it comes to marketing, especially inbound marketing.

It makes clear sense to market when business is sluggish or down. There's an obvious cause and effect there. Business is slow? Let's do marketing to pick up a few more customers and make up for lost revenue.

But what if business is booming? How can inbound marketing help?

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10 Reasons Why Pillar Pages Help Your Website SEO (With Examples)

As users input longer, more specific terms to search for content, Google has adjusted its algorithm to help them find what they’re looking for.

If you’re wondering how to keep up with these changing dynamics, consider incorporating pillar pages into your website. Pillar pages provide a comprehensive overview of a broad topic, always keeping keyword strategy in mind. In turn, hyperlinks on pillar pages guide users to more specialized information (aka cluster content) that all connects back to the broad concept on the original page.

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How To Find The Best Copywriter For Your Website

You’re running a business—do you really have time to master all the ins and outs of copywriting? The answer for most is an emphatic no!    

With the right copywriter, you can rest assured that your website is in the capable hands of someone with the expertise and strategic know-how to help propel your business towards even greater success.  

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Twelve Killer Ideas for Lead Nurturing Campaigns and Tips for Creating Them

For businesses that want to find and keep their customers, the importance of lead nurturing cannot be underestimated. Marketers are shifting more of their focus to guiding high-quality leads along the consumer journey to persuade them to purchase.

In this challenging economy, 74% of companies say converting leads into customers is their top priority. Although 81% of companies use lead nurturing initially, only 29% are nurturing their existing customers beyond the first purchase. A more robust lead nurturing campaign will likely maximize your return from more of your customers.

The truth is every phase of the sales process offers a new opportunity to foster a closer relationship with your customers. From the instant they become aware of your company to the moment they decide whether or not to buy your products and renew your services, you need to be ready with these lead nurturing ideas to ensure the success of your business.  

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Why You Should Outsource Your Next Marketing Project

Doing marketing seems fun and something you should be spending time on. But the key to success in marketing is continuous improvement and consistency.

Let’s face it, that’s difficult when you’re also busy trying to run your company.

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