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Led By Angela Pointon, President At 11outof11

Angela Pointon fell in love with marketing a month before graduating from college with a totally unrelated degree (how convenient!).

But seriously: She. Fell. In. Love.

So she went back to school, studied it and landed her first marketing gig. She worked for numerous startup companies and marketing agencies her whole career. Then she decided she could do it better on her own and set up the 11outof11 shop.

She's brought together the best and brightest team here at 11outof11. And they're all super excited to help your business grow.

Kelly Stoner - 11outof11

Kelly Stoner, Client Services Manager

Kelly is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP)® with a passion for marketing.

She has extensive experience in planning, executing, and managing diverse digital marketing campaigns. Kelly is committed to cultivating strong client relationships and continued professional development.

She resides in the Philadelphia area with her husband.


Phil Andrianos, SEO Specialist

Phil has several years of experience in a wide range of areas including SEO, web design, and digital marketing. With a passion for internet technology, Phil is always on the lookout for the next impactful trends and products in tech. He is excited to share his knowledge with clients in order to help enhance their marketing and SEO efforts.

He currently lives outside of Philadelphia. Phil loves to hike, be outside, and may or may not be amazing at Jeopardy.


Jordyn Cordner, Social Media Specialist

Jordyn is a copywriter and photographer turned social media specialist. She loves helping clients build communities, creating visuals and words that align with their authentic brand story. She is passionate about social responsibility and genuine connections, helping bring people and the brands they love closer together--especially for a cause. 

She could talk about social media all day, and the same goes for Gilmore Girls, thriller novels, and her latest thrift finds. When she's not pushing her two kittens, Coco and Ollie, off of her keyboard, you can find her with a book in hand, somewhere where there are more trees than cell service bars. 


Amanda Edelman, Marketing Coordinator

With a passion for writing and a specialty in growth marketing, Amanda brings creativity and focus to every project. She has 10+ years of marketing experience, ranging across both B2B and B2C. She loves communicating with clients, helping to solve problems, and learning something new every single day. 

Amanda lives in the Pocono Mountains with her husband, dog, and two cats.


Candice Grow, HubSpot Support Specialist

Candice brings 8 years of digital marketing experience to the 11outof11 team. Her long history of agency experience has provided her with opportunities to work with a wide variety of clients, from manufacturing to education and beyond. Getting technical and thinking through automation is her sweet spot. Candice loves to help businesses streamline their marketing and sales processes and tools to generate more leads and close them faster with less effort. 

Candice lives in Minnesota with her husband and son. She enjoys reading a good book, spending time outdoors, and going to a good concert. 


Dani Ingersoll, Marketing Coordinator

Dani brings seven years of email marketing and social media experience to the 11outof11 team. After four years of working in corporate marketing, Dani wanted to make a bigger impact with her expertise. She started as an individual marketing consultant in 2018 and hasn't looked back since. She is passionate about helping businesses drive sales through sales automation. 

Dani lives in Des Moines, Iowa with her husband and two rescue dogs, Bruce and Gus. When she's not working, she's likely reading the latest romance novel, riding her Peloton or enjoying the outdoors. 


Annie Jackson, HubSpot Support Specialist

Coming from a background in sales, Annie entered the world of HubSpot after falling in love with the platform as a user. With experience in revenue operations, marketing automation and data analytics, she enjoys connecting people, process and systems to ensure that that tools on hand help support a business's goals. Annie lives in Southwestern Virginia with her husband and two dogs.


Marisela Khalili, Marketing Coordinator

Marisela brings over 6 years experience as a project management professional specializing in digital marketing projects including sales launches, website development, and lead generation. She’s had awesome experiences working with a large range of clients from solopreneurs and coaches to ecommerce businesses.

She’s a lifelong learner who enjoys putting together a plan and then making it happen. Her passion is to help her clients reach their marketing goals and support their business growth.

Marisela lives in Long Island, New York with her 2 boys. She enjoys standup comedy, checking out local libraries, and discovering inspirational documentaries like 14 Peaks.


Paige King, Marketing Strategist

Paige is a strategic and results-driven professional who finds fulfillment in helping entrepreneurs achieve their goals. She loves to help businesses embrace their uniqueness, clarify their message, and grow their community through digital marketing. With experience in B2B and B2C industries, Paige has a proven record of driving sales through automation, lead generation, and storytelling.

She is from Virginia but currently resides in Patagonia, Argentina with her husband. Paige practices Martial Arts daily and enjoys playing tennis. 


Jessica Kosmicki, HubSpot Support Specialist

Jessica has over eight years of experience managing and consulting for small to large organizations, particularly in the areas of website development, online marketing tactics, and CRM integration/implementation.

She currently lives in Charleston, SC. When she is out of the office, Jessica is passionate about traveling around the world to learn about other cultures and taste new cuisines. She is the go-to person if you ever need a recommendation for an outstanding travel experience.


Kelly Kraemer, Marketing Coordinator

Kelly has 10+ years of marketing experience in digital marketing strategy, content creation and project management. She has worked for a variety of industries from small to large corporations and across B2B and B2C channels. She excels in leading and developing marketing strategy through building relationships and thoughtful client communication.

Kelly lives in the Philadelphia area with her four cats: JP, Max, Poppy and Clover. She loves to garden, hike and work on home renovations.


Melanie LoBue, Marketing Strategist

Melanie LoBue brings two decades of professional B2B and B2C digital marketing expertise from multi-million dollar tech and financial services organizations to her clients. Having paved her career by building scalable content marketing teams across the globe, Melanie focuses on crafting digital strategies that deliver repeatable, sustainable, and predictable marketing-generated revenue. Melanie draws inspiration from unique experiences that range from interviewing actress Lauren Bacall and author Kurt Vonnegut to spearheading the production of 2015’s #1 entrepreneurial app and leading the development and delivery of a company’s first rebranding effort in 20 years in the midst a global pandemic. Melanie also enjoys winning karaoke contests, nerding out about virtual reality, and, most recently, learning how to sail.   


Paige Stradtner, Marketing Coordinator

With nearly 15 years of experience in marketing, Paige has worked with both B2B and B2C clients in a variety of industries with budgets ranging from shoestring to substantial. Paige got her start in marketing working in creative creation, including graphic/web design and copywriting, and after completing her MBA at IE Business School (Madrid, Spain), she has applied her expertise in, and passion for, strategy and planning to help businesses see results with their marketing efforts. 

Paige lives in Indiana with her husband and three kids. Currently, they have no pets, but Paige gets the hard sell from her oldest child on an almost daily basis. Paige likes to spend time outdoors and take on “upcycling” craft projects.


Kate Uhry, HubSpot Support Manager

Kate is results-focused digital marketer with superb project management skills, and a talent for writing actionable, top-flight content. Midway through her career, she discovered HubSpot and became a power user of the platform, working in 2021 for the HubSpot Partner of the Year agency. She has lots of experience in helping clients leverage HubSpot to achieve their vision and goals.

Based on the gold coast of Connecticut, Kate's ideal day includes a walk on the beach with an audiobook and an iced espresso. With a strong affinity for all things furry, these walks are likely to be interrupted by frequent stops to ask "can I say hi to your dog?"


Sarah Van, Marketing Coordinator

Sarah is a creative problem solver and experienced marketing professional with over 20 years experience across various industries. Her mission is to assist clients in reaching their marketing goals while bringing creativity, value, and efficiency to the process.

As a former drama queen, Sarah dabbled briefly in theater before settling down to raise her family. She currently lives in Texas and enjoys traveling, spending time with friends and family, and long walks with her canine companion, Charlie. 

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