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Beyond "Hi, First Name”: How to Send More Personalized Emails

Consumers today are mostly interested in personalized experiences. Anything less and they’ll ignore you.

That goes for their email interactions, too.

So if you’re already on a “Hi, [First Name]” basis with your email subscribers, that’s a great start.

But this is good to know: Email personalization is far more than addressing a person by their first name in a greeting or even sending messages about stuff you know they’ll respond to.

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How Many Marketing Touches Are Needed to Gain Sales in 2022?

There’s little debate about needing to follow up with prospective customers multiple times before they decide to buy from you.

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How to Time Your Lead Nurture Emails to Better Match Your Sales Process

Lead nurture emails help your prospects convert to customers. Our content marketing technology partner HubSpot puts it this way: “Good lead nurturing emails engage, entice, and encourage your leads to continue interacting with your business.”

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Workflow Enrollment Trigger Ideas That Help You Sell More (Automatically)

Most companies want to know how to email prospects at the right moment – with the right content for the right leads – and get a better response. This is the secret sauce of effective email campaigns, “triggered” by sending relevant content based on a prospect’s activity.

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How to Write an Autoresponder Email Series That Sells (Without Being Salesy)

One of the greatest benefits of using autoresponder emails effectively for your business is that it builds trust with your customers. That’s why creating automated emails for forms is number one on our list of ideas for lead nurturing campaigns.

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15 Gated Content Ideas for B2B Lead Generation, Plus an Exhaustive List of Lead Magnet Ideas

Gated content—free stuff that people can only access by providing their contact information—is one of the top three ways to get great B2B leads.

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How Email Open Rates Are Likely Changing for You in 2022

If you’re delivering email messages to customers on their phones, recent updates to Apple’s iOS 15 could impact one of the key metrics marketers use to measure email effectiveness.

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How E-Newsletters Fit Into Your Email Marketing Strategy (Plus Topics for Email Newsletters)

Thinking about producing an email newsletter for your company? It’s a popular solution for organizations that want to stay in touch with their existing customers and keep them up-to-date on the latest news about their products and services. Recent research from the Content Marketing Institute ranks e-newsletters as the second best type of content for 87% of B2B and 76% of B2C marketers.

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Should We Buy An Email List?

When clients start asking whether they should buy an email list, we’ll often start a conversation about cold outreach email marketing.

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How Often Should You Send Marketing Emails?

Using an email campaign to market your company is an effective strategy for converting leads into customers. By appealing to your prospects’ interests through helpful content that’s delivered directly to their mailboxes, you can start meaningful conversations with them that can persuade them to buy.

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