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4 Ways Marketing Can Provide Value and Improve Growth

In a world where business moves at the speed of keystrokes, marketing offers a way to keep up with the fast pace. To keep growing, organizations need their marketers to provide a constant flow of valuable insights and strategies.

Are you building marketing traction with your target audience? Is your marketing team communicating value and helping your company grow?

Here are 4 ways marketing can take your company’s growth to the next level.

Communicating Value Through Trust and Satisfaction

Trust is the basis of customer satisfaction. Consumers tend to hold businesses to the same standards they hold for people in that they want reliability, competence, results, and the ability to keep promises. 

One of the best ways to build trust is to use high-quality content marketing to connect with your audience more deeply and enhance the buyer’s journey. Content marketing delivers blog posts, whitepapers, ebooks, videos, and other informational content to assist customers when they’re searching for something.

By providing helpful information when your audience is in need, you show that they can rely on you as a resource. You’re stepping in to help at just the right moment - and your marketer is the magician working behind the scenes to accomplish this feat.

Improve Focus By Setting Priorities

Marketers dramatically improve organizational focus. They help set specific and timely priorities, bringing greater company-wide alignment from sales to customer service to the C-suite.

A strong marketing strategy helps your company maintain its focus on the customer experience. Marketers go beyond just asking the question, “Who are we serving?” to ask, “What do they need? How can we go above and beyond to help them?”

HubSpot research shows that 70% of growing companies rate customer service as “very important” and 96% credit customer satisfaction as a key factor in their growth. Your marketers are the ambassadors of your customer experiences, so make sure you have outstanding ambassadors on the job.

Support Strategic and Continuous Innovation

A Salesforce study found that 91% of chief marketing officers (CMOs) use continuous innovation to stay competitive. Innovative marketers are always looking for new ways to foster growth, build value, and maintain a competitive edge. 

Your marketing team should fuel innovative thinking and prevent your organization from falling into periods of stagnation. Living in a constant state of renewal is challenging and takes the right marketing tools and techniques, so make sure your marketers have the robust support it takes to continuously innovate. 

Forward-thinking marketing innovation requires constant strategic analysis. For example, your marketer might determine that your company’s newest customers are only investing in one or two products. In response, they suggest building more comprehensive packages with add-ons and benefits. They’ll need to coordinate with sales, product development, web development, and many other teams across your organization.

Keep in mind that effective innovation happens incrementally. Marketers accomplish your company’s largest goals one little piece at a time. Each website update and new product feature might feel small, but it’s part of the bigger picture of continuous innovation.

Marketing Traction: Visible and Measurable Progress

Marketers add value to organizations because they’re trained to pay close attention to business metrics. As Brian Solis writes in Forbes, “Marketers track more KPIs,” or key performance indicators, than most other business professionals.

Your company’s KPIs help clarify its existing status and show where things currently stand in terms of customer satisfaction, content marketing, revenue, and much more. Tracking these KPIs allows your organization to set more meaningful goals, inspiring them to come together and improve performance in specific areas.

This is also a good way to stay ahead of current marketing trends and avoid wasting money on new efforts. For example, you might need to start tracking the performance of a new social media campaign to ensure that it’s delivering ROI and your money is well spent. 

Always ask whether the things you’re tracking are directly related to your desired business outcomes. A Harvard Business Review study found that the most effective metrics were specific campaign and sales/satisfaction-related metrics and the least effective were more general brand-related metrics.

Which metrics do you currently track? In Forbes, Solis shares 9 of the most essential KPIs every marketer should be tracking for their organization.

  • Content engagement
  • Customer acquisition cost (CAC)
  • Customer retention
  • Customer referrals
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Customer lifetime value (CLV)
  • Marketing/sales funnel growth
  • Revenue 
  • Web/mobile analytics

Stay on top of these metrics to build a picture of your company’s success and bring your remaining challenges to light. Over time, it will become second nature to constantly check your KPIs and ensure your company remains on the right track.

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