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How to Use a Website Chatbot to Capture More Sales

If your marketing strategy includes answering questions from prospective buyers, chatbots are great tools that can help you accomplish this effectively. These computer programs simulate conversation and are capable of directing your visitors with speed and efficiency to areas of your website that will answer their questions. They can also direct a user to schedule a call with a sales representative, as well.

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Part Three: Create More Inbound Sales-Qualified Opportunities

In the final part of our series on how to create a marketing funnel, we discuss 15 ways to create more inbound sales-qualified leads. And this starts with defining an MQL.

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Part One: Improve Your Sales Leads in 2021 by Building Out Your Marketing Funnel

What is a marketing funnel and how does building a marketing funnel lead to sales? In part one of our blog series on how to build a marketing funnel, let’s break down the concept and start from the why.

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