Audit Services

Sometimes you're just so close to something, you need another viewpoint.

Our audit services enable a better understanding of the changes necessary on a client's website, SEO or HubSpot portal.


At 11outof11, we conduct audits of existing marketing based on pre-set criteria to identify areas of improvement. Sometimes you need to know if what you’ve got is good as-is, if it needs a couple of tweaks, or if it needs a total overhaul.


The Types of Audits We Do


Website Audits

We’ll analyze your website and uncover if it’s going to deliver you leads and opportunities. Is your messaging clear? Are all of your services properly described and represented? Can a visitor convert no matter what stage of the marketing funnel they’re in? Or are they bouncing?

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SEO Audits

Our team will peak under the hood to gain an understanding of how sound your search engine optimization truly is. Are there broken links on your website? Are there missing keywords and meta descriptions? Are people able to find you in Google snippets or in key searches?


HubSpot Audits

Once a company starts using HubSpot, the sky's the limit as far as the opportunity for the tool to make a huge impact on your business. Are the contacts clean, segmented properly and defined by personas? Are leads being scored to present the best opportunities to your sales team?


Content Audits

Does your company create content that doesn't perform or generate enough leads? That doesn't mean the content is worthless. It might just need a strategic review and some tweaking. A content audit reviews existing content and delivers a Content Implementation Strategy to you.

Common Questions


What Do You Get?

Every audit is performed and results in a written report detailing our findings. Additionally, our team will review the audit report on a call with you to share perspective and answer any questions.


How Do I Implement the Necessary Changes?

Our team doesn’t abandon you once the audit is complete. In fact, we’ll discount the audit work and will include ongoing services to repair any necessary quick-fix items. If things need more time and attention, 11outof11 will be there by your side making more significant changes based on the audit findings, as well.


How Do I Know You Won’t “Make Stuff Up”?

The points of discovery on the audits are based on other marketing strategists’ recommendations. In other words, we design our audits not to find little things we’ll get paid to fix. But rather, to truly dig at the critical items needed to help make your marketing successful.

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