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How Do You Know If You Have The Right People In Your Marketing Seats?

If you're a business owner running on EOS®, you’re working hard to scale your business. One of the ways to accelerate your company’s growth is by building a differentiated marketing strategy that’s led by a top-notch marketing team.

Your marketing team should be fluent in all of the latest marketing strategies for businesses. If you have the right people in your marketing seats, they’ll know the answer to how you will measure the effectiveness of your marketing activities, including:

  • How to measure content marketing ROI – Your marketing team studies conversions and website analytics daily. They’ll help improve your metrics while protecting your brand and help you to grow your business as they grow with you.
  • How to measure email marketing success – Your marketing team members are specialists in implementing creative ideas for tailored email campaigns that help you achieve your goals.
  • How to measure social media marketing success – Your marketing team focuses on getting your audience to find and engage with your marketing messages. They’ll use relevant content that’s easy to share on the social media platforms they like best.
  • How to measure influencer marketing success – Your marketing team helps you attract the people and organizations who can get your content in front of their customers and connect you with new and different audiences.

But how will you know if you have the right people in your marketing seats? These EOS components can help.

3 Entrepreneur Tools and Resources For Hiring A Great Marketing Team

  1. Accountability Chart™

The Accountability Chart acts as a roadmap to help land the right people in the right seats. It defines the right structure for your company with different functions or “seats” for leaders. Establishing three to seven roles and responsibilities for each seat will make it clear what your people need to accomplish in each of the seats. This is a clear formula for making great hires.

A customized accountability chart for your marketing team can help clarify quickly and easily who’s responsible for what so you can achieve consistent results with your marketing activities.

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  1. People Analyzer™

The People Analyzer helps you make an objective assessment of both potential and current employees in terms of their fit within your company’s culture, their support of your core values, and their ability to do the functions of marketing seats.

After a candidate or a current employee answers customized questions related to your core values, you can use the People Analyzer to assess them for the right fit.

  1. GWC™

GWC stands for “Get it, Want it and have the Capacity to do it.” As part of the EOS business strategy, this tool is used in combination with the People Analyzer before making new hires or moving current employees into new roles.

In terms of small business management, when you identify a seat and create an open position, you want the person who fills the seat to step up and take charge of the role. GWC helps evaluate whether people understand a role and its responsibility, they genuinely want the role and like the responsibility, and they have the capacity to do the role within your marketing team.

After the interview or annual review, your leadership team should answer yes to these three questions:

  • Does the candidate “get it”?
  • Does the candidate “want it”?
  • Does the candidate “have the capacity to do it”?

The Accountability Chart, People Analyzer, and GWC tools are available to download as part of the EOS Toolbox™.

Tips for Small Businesses Running on EOS To Attract the Best Marketers to Your Team

Three keys to hiring the right people for the right seats on your marketing team are:

  1. Be clear about what “right people/right seats” means in your organization.
  2. Conduct a marketing campaign for open positions that’s personalized for your business.
  3. Vet candidates for new hires and new roles comprehensively through your hiring process.

Add these three suggestions to your right people/right seats campaign:

  1. Promote your company’s Core Values and Core Focus™ in all job postings.
  2. Incorporate open-ended questions in the hiring process to help determine if the candidate truly exhibits your Core Values.
  3. Get first-hand references and feedback from former employers and colleagues to help assess the candidate’s alignment with your Core Values and the specific job requirements.

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