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Running on EOS®? What Your Marketing Agency Should Be Doing to Help

If your company is running on the Entrepreneurial Operating System, or EOS®, you’re a company that looks at your business differently than most. You're equipped with a complete set of concepts and practical tools that help you get what you want from your business, like:

  • boosted sales
  • improved profitability
  • successful new product launches
  • reaching new customers
  • being digital innovators
  • owning your place as one of the top thought leaders in your industry

When it comes to reaching your marketing goals, we find that companies running on EOS® are hungry for measurables and data. Those weekly indicators are critical to achieving the kind of growth you seek.

That’s where a marketing firm for companies running on EOS® like 11outof11 comes in.

A marketing agency for companies running on EOS®

Here’s a look at what your marketing agency should be doing to help.

  • Tracking Based on Goals Set Together

Your marketing firm should deliver customized reports and metrics (called “measurables”) based on specific goals that you identify together. These goals will pave the way to your new success.

  • Ideas to Help Achieve Goals

Implementing ideas to help you achieve your goals should be one of your marketing agency’s specialties. This could include more segmentation, better nurturing of prospects, creating more content, or tailored email campaigns. 

  • Tailored Reporting and Accountability

EOS® holds people accountable by creating scorecards for success. Your scorecard tells you what is happening with your business and also gives insight into what could or will happen with your business.

The power of your scorecard is that it provides you with predictive data. It tells you exactly what is happening in your organization at the moment and gives you the power to make proactive decisions for future business success.

Lots of companies first starting out with EOS® are not sure what should be included in the marketing section of their scorecard. To have your finger on the pulse of your business, you need data that measures the right kind of marketing metrics involved in content marketing execution.

Marketing agencies that are used to working with clients running on EOS® know what gets measured, gets achieved. They take charge of the important measurables that should drive your marketing scorecard and help you understand them.

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Lagging Indicators and Leading Indicators

When creating your goals, your marketing agency should explain the advantage leading indicators have over lagging indicators to affect your business success.

With lagging indicators, you’re looking at your business from the rearview mirror. Lagging indicators measure data that doesn’t reflect what’s happening in your business right now. As a result, it’s more difficult to make any huge impact on success.

For instance, you may have a goal to close six new deals by the end of the year. This kind of goal doesn’t focus on the active work that can lead up to this result.

Leading indicators shine the headlights on the ultimate results you want to achieve by focusing on the work it will take to get there. Together with your marketing agency, you should be watching leading indicators like:

  • The percentage increase in monthly website traffic.
  • The number of website visitors that convert to a sales-qualified lead each month.
  • The percentage increase in followers on your most important social media profile.
  • The percentage increase in new contacts added to your email marketing database.
  • The number of people downloading gated content per month.

Every company running EOS® should partner with a marketing agency that knows EOS®. You’ll get the most out of your EOS® business strategy while adding magic to your marketing.

11outof11 for Companies Running on EOS®

We deliver a higher level of service than other marketing agencies to all of our clients, including companies running on EOS®. You’ll be impressed with the strategic advice, extremely high quality of written content, super-fast communication, and detailed progress updates. Request a complimentary call with an 11outof11 expert. Contact us to learn more.

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