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How to Get People to Actually Read & Engage with Your Marketing Content

You’ve produced some awesome content for your business. Now what?

In this article, we’ll give you some fresh ideas on how to promote the marketing content you create so you can get more people to see and read your blog posts, videos, social posts and more.

Focus on Engagement

Getting people to notice your marketing efforts is one thing but getting more people to actually read and engage with your content is another. That's because 55% of those who click on a webpage spend fewer than 15 seconds actively engaging with it.

Once you refocus on engaging people rather than earning impressions, you can concentrate on what your audience really wants and adjust how you measure success.

Does your content help people learn about your brand and values? Will your audience want to read your stories?

Engagement will increase when you make sure the reward of seeing and reading your content is worth your audience's time and attention – along with optimizing the content you’re promoting for clicks, subscribers and leads.

Make Content Easy to Share

Have you ever read an article by The Content Marketing Institute? They highlight sharable snippets of content from each story and make it easy to tweet – in the moment, with just one click.

Do that. Or something like it.

Does your audience connect with you on LinkedIn? Are they already retweeting your tweets? Is Facebook the place for your followers? Or are they faithful emailers? The key to making content instantly sharable is to make sure users can share it on a platform that resonates with your audience.

Also important: Engaging freely with your industry community, from social media and content promotion networks to online communities and more, lets you join in on relevant conversations while giving your content more reach at the same time.

Own an Industry Topic

Focus time and creative effort on an industry topic where you can add the most value to the largest relevant audience. Own a strong pillar topic that carries with it multiple sub-topics and organize your content creation around it.

To decide on a topic, HubSpot suggests you target topic clusters based on search volume estimates and competitiveness. Topic clusters will also help both users and search engines navigate through your content easily.

Once you own an industry topic, getting your content to appear in roundup-type articles is a great way to get more reach and build backlinks at the same time.

You can also attract a new audience by writing guest articles or pitching your amazing content for inclusion on other complementary business sites. It’s another opportunity to grow your content reach with links to key pages on your site.

Curate Content Creatively

Create more opportunities for your audience to see and engage with your content by using the in-depth research and insight from one piece of content in other types of content.

A great example of this is repurposing your highest performing content into high-quality videos. Repurpose webinar speeches into ebooks. Repurpose whitepapers into blog articles.

As long as you’re offering relevant, relatable content to your audience, you’re growing your content’s reach while giving the content the recognition it deserves from the right people at the same time.

Find and Nurture Centers of Influence

Influencers are powerful partners in your quest for increasing content reach. They are the people and organizations who can get your content in front of their customers – and connect you with new and different audiences. 

Make a list of the people who have or are most likely to refer your business to others and approach them as centers of influence for your content. Ask for their feedback on your content and whether the content would interest anyone in their network, and if they’d share it with them.

Finding and nurturing centers of influence is a lot like getting business through word of mouth, yet it’s one of the strategies that business owners often overlook. If you’re giving your influencers something valuable that they can share with their network, you’re more likely to get new opportunities, new connections and possibly new sales people who are just getting to know you.

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