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Which Marketing Metrics Should be on Your Scorecard in 2022?

Using marketing metrics is like taking measurements for a tailored dress or suit. If you measure wrong, it’ll never fit right!

When you need a marketing plan that’s the perfect fit, it’s essential to start by taking careful measurements. Here’s a look at what metrics to measure for marketing success with your EOS Scorecard® in 2022.

Bounce Rate

First, make sure you’re measuring your homepage’s bounce rate. It’s the percentage of visitors who “bounce off” your site quickly after viewing it for just a few seconds.

A high bounce rate shows there’s something wrong with the look or functionality of your site. Maybe the design is outdated or the content is bland. It’s also possible that you just need a strong, eye-catching call-to-action (CTA) that encourages people to take action instead of bouncing away.

Click-Through Rate

When you’re seeing a low click-through rate (CTR), it can mean that you’re getting lots of impressions but there’s something holding people back from clicking. It might be time to meta descriptions, title tags, and other page data.

There’s also the possibility that your CTR is impacted by your CTAs not being strong enough to guide people along the customer journey. This shows the importance of carefully tracking your CTRs.

Time on Page

Now let’s look at the importance of measuring time on page, which is, by the way, different than time on site. A visitor’s time on site is the entire length of their visit to your whole website. While that’s helpful to know, it’s not the same as their time on page.

Time on page refers to how long they looked at a certain specific page on your website. We’re talking about an important page, like a certain product ordering page or a promotional page for a special event. 

When the time on page is extremely low, it’s time to review the page closely for conversion problems. Perhaps you need a landing page that optimizes conversions.

Gated Content Downloads

Here’s another marketing metric you should have on your scorecard: gated content downloads. This is the number of people who are giving up their personal information in exchange for top-tier content you keep behind a registration form or “behind the gate.”

Here at 11outof11, we suggest that small to midsize B2B companies track gated content downloads due to a strong correlation with qualified lead conversion. When your gated content downloads are higher, you’re probably landing lots more qualified leads.

Exit Rate

What about your exit rate? This is how many people are leaving a page and it shows what kind of bond you have with your audience. 

A high exit rate for a certain page indicates something is preventing them from sticking around and taking action. It could be as basic as a slow page loading time or as complex as a branding problem. But before you can figure it out, you’ll have to track it!

How to Touch Up Your Scorecard for 2022

The marketing metrics listed above are just small slices of the pie. There are hundreds of other metrics you could potentially include on your scorecard.

Ready to learn more? 11outof11 offers a free ebook about what metrics to measure for marketing success. Plus, you’re welcome to chat with one of our small business marketing experts about keeping the right metrics on your scorecard in 2022 and beyond. Contact us to learn more.

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