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How to Create an Accountability Chart for Your Small Business Marketing Team

If your business runs on the EOS® operating system, one of the entrepreneur tools and resources you have available is the Accountability Chart™. In this article, we’re sharing tips on how to create a customized Accountability Chart for your marketing team that can help define the structure and clarify quickly and easily who’s responsible for what.

What is an Accountability Chart?

Unlike an organizational chart that only focuses on who reports to who, an Accountability Chart focuses on two things: the major functions of your marketing department and the personal accountability of every team member for marketing success.

If you’ve noticed when everyone is responsible for all of your marketing strategy, it’s unclear who is accountable for each part. So the plan for how to market your business may fall short of its goals.

With an Accountability Chart, you will:

  • Clarify function, roles, and reporting structure
  • Put the right people in the right seats
  • Determine who should be on your leadership team

Creating an Accountability Chart will help your marketing team know what each of their responsibilities are, which saves time, accomplishes more goals, grows your company, and helps you gain traction on the business.

4 Tips for Creating a Marketing Accountability Chart to Scale Up Your Business

1. It's a process

Building out an Accountability Chart is a process that works best when you “get something on paper” first so that people can absorb the proposed structure, get real about the realities they face as a team and individually, and give feedback for improvement.

Be prepared to make some thought-filled decisions, too. For instance, it’s more difficult to create your Accountability Chart with the idea that you must have a seat for everyone currently on the marketing team. Define the structure based on your best marketing strategies, marketing goals, and marketing metrics. Then put the right people in the right seats, list those who don’t have the right seat, and figure out a plan that will help them find one.

2. The Same Name Can Appear in Multiple Seats 

Especially with small business marketing teams, the same person will likely perform the duties of more than one seat. That’s OK!

As you scale up your business, the people filling multiple seats can assume just one of them, and you can hire or elevate someone else to fill the other seats.

3. Collaboration is Key to Agreement

You and your team will want to make revisions on multiple versions until you get it right. Continue to talk it out until you arrive at the best structure. Make it an issue to discuss your team’s progress every week in the IDS™ portion of your Level 10 Meeting™, and consider scheduling additional collaborative meetings if needed. Keep the process going until you have agreement around the table.

4. Your Accountability Chart Will Evolve Over Time

Consider what the final Accountability Chart means for your marketing team. It may look very different from the way the department is currently operating. Allow everyone to get used to a new way of thinking about marketing strategy development and their role in it.

It’s also important to evolve your Accountability Chart based on new needs and marketing trends. For instance, have you thought about:

  • Online marketing strategies?
  • How to measure influencer marketing success?
  • An inbound marketing strategy?
  • How to measure email marketing success?

As your marketing goals evolve, so will your Accountability Chart.

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