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How to Create a Marketing Plan that Fits with Your System and Soul Plan

The System and Soul framework is unlike other systems you’ll find in the marketing world. Instead of focusing primarily on processes or strategies, it all starts with people.

That’s the “soul” in System and Soul - the people, culture, and individual traits that make a company unique. System and Soul connects with the beating heart of business found inside each person who’s part of the team. Without a healthy soul, there’s no success.

Here’s a closer look at how the System and Soul framework works, what it means to have a System and Soul coach, and how you can use this revolutionary approach to improve the marketing plan for your business.

What’s the System & Soul Plan?

System and Soul is a people-focused business operating system co-founded by entrepreneurs Benj Miller and Chris White. They wanted to offer marketers and other business professionals a business framework that places a high value on organizational culture.

The System and Soul voyage starts with an 18 to 24-month journey that takes a business and its people through three phases: Clarity, Control, and Growth. The first phase lasts about 30 days, the second phase happens throughout the first year, then growth really takes off into the second year and beyond.

Along the way, numerous sub-voyages unfold. Most notably, the System and Soul coach helps each person involved in the process understand the crucial tools and framework everyone needs to share as a common language. This evolves into holding a Weekly Sync session that continues the journey.

The coach also lays out touchpoints that will happen along the way, like building an understanding of the System and Soul model, setting objectives, discussing culture topics, and identifying opportunities and obstacles. Participants learn important terms, like “hedgehogs,” which are the things that give us authentic power and drive to succeed.

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How Can We Use System & Soul for Marketing?

For marketing, the System and Soul framework starts with a diagnostic assessment. This is a vital step for marketers because it establishes a baseline that shows the current health status of your business and marketing plan. 

Until you complete the assessment and begin the System and Soul voyage, it will be difficult to improve your organizational culture, create a clear marketing vision, or make smart marketing moves in the marketplace. After the assessment and while working with the System and Soul coach, you’ll have new insights into how to revise your marketing plan and design the future of your organization.

A new marketing plan under the System and Soul framework involves the system’s six main segments: Design, Cadence, Score, Destination, Ethos, People. 

  • Design - Gain clarity on your marketing structure, process, and bets.
  • Cadence - Get everyone moving at the same pace on marketing activities.
  • Score - Measure your progress with key marketing metrics.
  • Destination - See the where, when, and why of going in the same direction.
  • Ethos - Define marketing values and identity.
  • People - Solve marketing challenges authentically in healthy ways.

As you can see, the System and Soul approach always keeps the focus on people and culture. Your marketing plans, processes, and deliverables will see huge benefits from the System and Soul journey. This is a smart way to develop a healthy marketing strategy that nourishes the heart and soul of your business.

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