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How to Create a Landing Page to Optimize Conversions

Did you know it’s a bad idea to assume all traffic will navigate on their own from your homepage to the exact page of the website that talks about their needs? It’s much more effective to send searchers to an optimized landing page designed to specifically address their needs and convert. 

Let’s take a closer look at how to develop landing pages that drive a consistent flow of fresh leads. With the right kind of optimization, landing pages work hand-in-hand with your overall content marketing strategy.

What’s the Point of a Landing Page?

If you already have a robust website, you might wonder why landing pages are even necessary. Is it worth your time to create multiple landing pages when you already have a fairly good website?

Absolutely. A landing page can actually be even more important than your homepage for generating new leads. Great landing pages convert leads at rates up to 27.4%, compared to 1% to 15% for poor performing pages that have not been optimized.

Landing pages speak directly to your audience at a certain stage, meeting them where they are in the buying process. Your main website is intended to be generally helpful; by contrast, your landing pages are specific and action-focused based on a specific type of viewer.

All landing pages have a common goal: increasing conversion rates to help you meet your business goals. A terrific landing page is a conversion machine that works as a 24/7 salesperson for your company.

Aligning Landing Pages With Larger Goals

Your landing pages should be designed and optimized with your long-term business goals and content strategy in mind. What behavior are you trying to drive? What exactly do you want people to do?

Landing pages should also be tailored to the searcher’s specific needs. Put yourself in their shoes as they seek out information in the vast space of the internet. What challenges are they facing? What, precisely, could you provide to solve their problem?

The more specific you can get with your campaign goals and audience targeting, the better your results will be.

How to Optimize a Landing Page

At its core, a landing page is a pared-down version of a regular page on your site. It removes all the extraneous information and directs the viewer to just a small handful of most-important content pieces. 

The essential parts of a landing page are:

  • A compelling, high-quality image
  • Your brand/logo
  • A short, powerful headline
  • A small amount of well-written, action-oriented text
  • A call-to-action, also known as a CTA, in the form of a button or hyperlink

Within this basic framework, every landing page is unique to its audience. If you’re inviting people to an event to see a celebrity speaker, the landing page will look quite different than a landing page offering a discount on sneakers. But both landing pages would have the same basic elements.

From there, optimizing a landing page starts with understanding where its viewers are coming from. What is the source that’s sending traffic to the page? Is it an email campaign, a search engine, or social media posts?

With this in mind, you’ll also need to consider the search terms they’re using to find your landing page. For example, if they searched “organic body products Philadelphia,” your landing page headline should contain these words, along with a compelling photo of related products. 

Maybe your audience is using search terms that make it clear they’re looking for reviews, case studies, or testimonials. If this is the case, your optimized landing page should offer exactly that. A professional content specialist or copywriter can help you develop this type of content.

Every landing page also needs a call-to-action that speaks directly to the searcher’s intent. Factor in keywords and search terms. Add a large, colorful button to encourage the exact behavior you’re trying to drive, like viewing products, booking tickets, visiting your blog, or downloading additional content.

Resist the urge to cram too much information into a single landing page. It will be most effective if your audience has a clear path to take their next action, without any distraction.

Why Isn’t My Landing Page Working?

If you have an existing landing page that isn’t converting, you need to optimize. Here are some common reasons landing pages don’t work and need revision.

The offer is unclear.

Your audience should be able to see and evaluate the offer within just a few seconds.

It has too much visual clutter.

If the page is cluttered with extraneous information, it interferes with conversion behavior.

The important information is “below the fold.”

If someone has to scroll down the page for the most important information, the page needs a redesign.

The action button isn’t enticing.

Boring buttons work against your mission. The clickable part of the page should be irresistible.

It needs better visuals.

Does it have beautiful photography with high-definition images? Improve your photos and you’ll bolster the impact of your landing pages.

It’s off-brand.

A landing page is its own animal, but it should still match your overall branding. Consistency builds trust with the viewer and gives them the confidence to click.

It needs an exit strategy.

What happens when someone decides to abandon the landing page? Maybe you need to add a friendly pop-up that encourages them to stay engaged with your brand just a bit longer.

Easy Landing Page Optimization

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