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How Often Should You Send Marketing Emails?

Using an email campaign to market your company is an effective strategy for converting leads into customers. By appealing to your prospects’ interests through helpful content that’s delivered directly to their mailboxes, you can start meaningful conversations with them that can persuade them to buy.

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Content Marketing Agency: What Do They Do and How Do You Find a Good One?

Businesses everywhere are using content marketing to get more customers. In the last few years, most North American companies have increased their content marketing spending for one great reason: It’s working for them.

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Best Practices and Hidden Benefits of HubSpot CRM

Are you always looking for ways to better use the HubSpot CRM to grow your company?

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What a Job Description for a Strong Internal Inbound Marketing Manager Should Say

Today’s businesses need a strong Inbound Marketing Manager to lead their in-house marketing departments, especially if they want to leverage the support of their top-notch marketing agency. Yet, many are unsure of how to hire one.

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How to Use a Website Chatbot to Capture More Sales

If your marketing strategy includes answering questions from prospective buyers, chatbots are great tools that can help you accomplish this effectively. These computer programs simulate conversation and are capable of directing your visitors with speed and efficiency to areas of your website that will answer their questions. They can also direct a user to schedule a call with a sales representative, as well.

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15 Ways to Improve Your Website Conversions (and Leads!)

Looking for surprisingly no-nonsense tactics to improve your website’s conversion rate?

Good thinking!

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4 Ways a Marketing Agency Supports a Sales Team to Generate More Closed Deals

When marketing and sales work together, lead generation and deal closing are more robust. It’s no surprise, especially since targeted content creation has risen to the top of strategic marketing functions that get the sales job done.

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The Simplest Prospecting Strategy to Boost Your Sales Opportunities Instantly

How can we find more prospects?

It’s on the minds of most company executives these days, which is why they turn to strategic prospecting to help.

With prospecting, you can identify your best sales opportunities as efficiently as possible by initiating conversations with potential customers, clients, or buyers for your products and services. The goal is to develop new business by converting qualified prospects to revenue-generating customers, then nurturing them along the way.

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Paid Ads Vs. SEO - What's The Better Option?

Both paid ads and SEO are sound marketing strategies for building traffic and promoting your business – for different reasons. But if you had to choose between the two, which is the better option for your business?

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How HubSpot Generates Its Leads

We often hear clients ask how HubSpot generates leads.

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