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Tips for Marketers to Handle Burnout and Creative Fatigue

Marketers are creative people. They also take their work seriously.

Being creative is often rewarding. But the work can make people vulnerable to bouts of burnout. Or worse.

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How to Use Generational Marketing to Reach Millennials and Gen Z

Chances are, your ideal customers are changing right before your eyes.

That’s because never before in history has a company’s consumer base been more multigenerational. Today, you could reach five different generations of buyers with your marketing messages, including:

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Build Credibility for Your Services by Leveraging Thought Leadership

Leaders today are looking for ways to make their credibility known without it sounding too salesy or putting people off.

Thought leadership is a content marketing tactic that helps a company do just that: build recognition for themselves and their leaders as well-known, well-respected, and go-to industry resources for colleagues, peers, customers, and the public at large.

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How To Know Your Marketing Isn’t Working [and What to Do About It]

If you’re not seeing the results you expect from your marketing efforts, you need to find out why. This involves:

  • Analyzing solid data to inform the efficacy of your marketing campaigns.
  • Identifying clear reasons why your messaging isn’t resonating with your audience.
  • Committing to adjust your strategy to make it work better.

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How Do I Create Content Regularly Without Crushing My Schedule?

Global thought leaders always want to know how to write quality content regularly without it taking over all their working hours.

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How to Promote a Product or Service and Sell More of It

Your products and services might address everyone’s pain points and provide solutions for everyone’s challenges. But if you’re not running a comprehensive product-focused inbound marketing campaign to promote it, a few things can happen:

  • You could be missing out on better ways to sell more.
  • Potential customers could get their information about you from competitors, not you.
  • If it’s a new product or service launch, it could fall short.
  • Poor promotion could lead to permanent damage to your company's reputation.

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2024 Revenue Guide: How Many Marketing Touches Are Needed to Gain More Sales?

As we step into 2024, the dynamics of consumer behavior, technological advancements, and market trends continue to shape the relationship between businesses and their prospective customers.

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How to Time Your Lead Nurture Emails to Better Match Your Sales Process

Lead nurture emails help your prospects convert to customers. Our content marketing technology partner HubSpot puts it this way: “Good lead nurturing emails engage, entice, and encourage your leads to continue interacting with your business.”

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Workflow Enrollment Trigger Ideas That Help You Sell More (Automatically)

Most companies want to know how to email prospects at the right moment – with the right content for the right leads – and get a better response. This is the secret sauce of effective email campaigns, “triggered” by sending relevant content based on a prospect’s activity.

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15 Gated Content Ideas for B2B Lead Generation, Plus an Exhaustive List of Lead Magnet Ideas

Gated content—free stuff that people can only access by providing their contact information—is one of the top three ways to get great B2B leads.

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