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What It Means to Us to Be a Female-Run Content Marketing Agency

At 11outof11, we’re thrilled to be a woman-owned content marketing agency and a Platinum HubSpot Agency Partner. Our team is 95% female and we thrive on a core set of beliefs that inspire everything we do. Things like embracing change, being relentless about improvement and always measuring results.

Nearly 13 million women-owned businesses represent 42% of all businesses in the United States. They employ 9.4 million workers and generate $1.9 trillion in revenue. In short, women-owned businesses are driving economic growth.

According to the 2019 State of Women-Owned Businesses Report commissioned by American Express:

  • Diversity drives business innovation and improves productivity, which creates jobs, builds wealth and grows the economy.
  • Because of women’s different perspectives, skills and experiences, they solve problems in new and innovative ways.
  • Women business owners are more likely to see a need in the market and to start a company to fill it.
  • Organizations that help women succeed in business contribute to not only their own success but to the flourishing of individual businesses and to the economy overall.

At 11outof11, our team is progressive, diverse and LGBQT+-friendly. Also important, all of us are passionate about helping mid-size businesses -women-owned and otherwise- grow and thrive.

Leaving ‘Bro Culture’ at the Door

11outof11 also exists as a place for clients, partners and team members looking to take the “bro culture” out of marketing.

The marketing industry is changing. There’s a seismic effort to push progressive ideas forward, despite all systemic forces trying to keep things the same. Here are a few examples:

The advocacy group 600 & Rising was formed in 2020 to advance diversity and inclusion within advertising and marketing agencies.

She Runs It, founded over 100 years ago as the League of Advertising Women, recently rebranded, now reaching beyond advertising to all facets of marketing, media and technology and altering their core purpose from helping women get a seat at the marketing table to helping women be seated at the head of the table.  

For 11outof11, leaving the ‘bro culture’ at the door doesn’t mean we only work with women exclusively. Instead, it means we seek to achieve inclusivity, trust, respect and strong relationships with people who hold similar values. This often translates to having a high EQ, or Emotional Intelligence Quotient. It means you know your strengths and how to use them to your full advantage while keeping your weaknesses from holding you back.

What We Live By - In Action

Whether you’re interested in working with us or wanting to join our team, here’s what being a female-run content marketing agency means to us -and what it could mean for you.

Prospective Clients

As a female-run agency, we support inclusivity. This means we’ll talk about dreams, goals, needs and, most importantly, culture and values during our initial conversations with you.

Through this dialogue, we’re evaluating your EQ and ability to build a relationship with us that goes beyond the content and marketing we’ll create on your behalf.

Marketing Initiatives

11outof11 is a marketing resource that feels more like a friend. We aim to provide a down-to-earth approach to the content and marketing initiatives we help you create. We won’t ever practice list scraping or “email nurture till you die” tactics, broadcast fake timelines or urge you to “buy now or else!” We’re friendly, upbeat, professional and happy to help.

Collaborations & Partnerships

From local, female-owned organizations like our local virtual assistant partner, Delegate Solutions, to large publicly-traded companies like HubSpot, every company we associate with also lives by values that foster inclusivity. They’re also keen on raising the worth and empowerment of female stakeholders.

Team Membership

When you’re part of our 100% remote team, you might work one hour a week with us or 30 hours a week with us, but everyone has a full life outside of work. What we value is work/life harmony, something that each 11outof11 team member is empowered to define and structure for themselves -- solely on their own terms.

The Female Entrepreneur Show

Produced especially for women, The Female Entrepreneur Show is our business podcast hosted by 11outof11 President Angela Pointon. The podcast fills a void where little content is made especially for growth-focused female entrepreneurs. It’s designed to build a lively community of female entrepreneurs where we can discuss today’s most pressing issues that women business owners and leaders face, unleash our growth mindset, and offer spot-on solutions for listeners. Listen to the podcast here.


Interested in being a guest on The Female Entrepreneur Show? Apply here.

11outof11 for Female-Owned Companies

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