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5 Results-Driven Ways to Overcome Marketing Failure

Over the past few years, 82% of marketers have been actively investing in content marketing. That’s a lot of marketers working hard to place their content on top of the tiny 9% that makes it through to organic search results pages. To overcome any marketing failure, they need results-driven ways to make it happen.

It’s not enough anymore to create great content. Marketers also need an effective strategy to distribute their quality creations and amplify their worth. They need to be talking to the right people, making connections, and inspiring action.

If your content marketing is not driving these results, it can be heartbreaking for sure. But once you know why your content can’t overcome marketing failures, you can employ powerful tweaks to make it right.

5 Reasons Content Doesn’t Get Results and How To Turn It Around

  1. You’re caught up in the content quality or quantity quandary.

All marketers know that the content they create needs to attract and delight their audience (quality). They also know that they have to publish enough of it to keep their audience interested (quantity). But really, you need both quality and quantity content to persuade your audience to act.

Quality and quantity shouldn’t be mutually exclusive. You really can get more results out of the same amount of quality content – the best-performing pieces at least – by repurposing it. You’ll save time and effort, too.

Whether you republish it on different platforms, reuse it in another format, or refurbish it by adding new and exciting information, repurposing is an efficient way to produce more high-quality content from the content that’s already working for you.

  1. You need to find your audience.

Creating content that tries to entice everyone usually results in attracting little to no one. These days, people look for things that speak directly to them and that’s what makes them excited.

Once you define your ideal audience, those folks you want to engage, you can start to create content just for them. That’s when you’ll make those strong connections.

Whether you identify your audience using personas, conducting surveys, or learning what they like and dislike through customer support and social media, you can tailor your content to suit them. Create something they really care about and you’re more likely to inspire action.

  1. The value is lost on the people you want to engage.

If your content doesn’t entertain, educate, inspire, or convince your audience, you’ll lose them. When content serves their needs, it becomes useful to them. It provides relevant data and information that will help them answer their questions and find solutions to their challenges.  And that’s golden!

Whether you publish interactive videos, how-to guides, case studies, tip sheets, or something else, leave the sales pitch for another day. The key is to focus on creating value for your audience.

  1. Your brand voice is broken.

It’s a well-known marketing truth that people look for honesty in the companies they support. They want to trust them. If you come off as unfriendly, not helpful, or always pushing a sale, they will be more hesitant to make a connection.

It’s also a business truth that your brand voice carries weight with your audience and influences how they view your brand. So this is a huge priority.

Whether you use a voice and tone guide, your personal brand, or you find you’re attracting an audience you don’t want, define your company’s personality as the human element that matches who you are with what your audience thinks you should be, an individual they’d like to get to know.

  1. Not enough people are finding your content.

If your blogs and web pages have zero authority, little awareness, and generate no buzz or social sharing, chances are your content is not reaching the relevant, engaged, and interested audience you want.

First, make sure you’re supporting quality content creation with equal parts effective content marketing. When your content is optimized per your overall SEO strategy with keywords and phrases that your audience is searching for online, you increase the chances of them finding it.

Whether you use paid, organic, and social promotion, keyword research, or website analytics, get your content seen effectively and promoted in the right places.

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