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Six Quick Tips To Help Improve Your Marketing Using HubSpot

When it comes to growing your business, having an on-point marketing strategy is one powerful way to ensure success.

And when it comes to improving your strategy, few tools make inbound and content marketing and management easier than HubSpot.

Initially, many of our clients are focused on their bottom line and wonder, How can sales improve using HubSpot? We help clients understand that growing traffic, leads, and sales will be much more effective using HubSpot’s all-in-one marketing software because they will attract, capture, track, and convert more qualified leads at just the right time in their buyer’s journey.

And we’ve got proof. We’re not only a HubSpot Platinum Solutions Partner – they’ve also recognized us as one of the best agencies in Philadelphia. It’s hands-down the best tool of its kind.

How does HubSpot improve marketing? The thing about having all of your marketing tools and data on one easy-to-use platform is that you will no longer wonder how well your marketing is working. With data, you’ll be able to improve segmentation, better nurture contacts, and improve your marketing funnel’s rate of conversion into sales leads.

Quick Tip #1 – Attract prospects with content:

  • HubSpot’s Smart Content feature helps you create targeted messages through personalization of things like name, location and previous purchases to improve audience engagement. Smart Content will help you gain new leads, get loyalty from current customers and even entice different lead segments to your business.
  • Power up your content’s impact using HubSpot Video and easily embed those moving picture messages in social media, web pages and blog posts.

Quick Tip #2 – Outrank your competitors in search:

  • Use HubSpot’s SEO feature to build your search authority by planning your content strategy and optimizing your content as you type it into the platform.

Quick Tip #3 – Use personas to achieve business results:

  • HubSpot’s Personas feature brings together multiple tools to help you log the web pages your visitor viewed and the content they downloaded, then assign recommendations for more of the same content for them, or modify their persona by new downloads, form completions or pages visited.

Quick Tip #4 – Monitor and prioritize social media conversations:

  • HubSpot’s Social Media Inbox Streams help you monitor how your brand is performing on social media by tracking mentions and other interactions such as how your content is resonating with followers, whether your posts match your brand messaging, the most active platforms for your brand, how you can leverage or improve interaction on specific platforms and more.

Quick Tip #5 – Organize your leads and segment groups:

  • Using HubSpot’s Lists features such as Smart Lists help with marketing segmentation and performance analysis by creating micro-segments of your database, so you can hyper-personalize your communications with them. Smart Lists also allows you to measure the performance of each micro-segment and create custom reports – that always update in real-time.

Quick Tip #6 – Know how your marketing is working:

  • The Sources Report shows you a snapshot of traffic sources such as direct, organic, referral, social, email and others, to see the percentage of visitors from each source who convert on forms and who become customers. This makes it easy for you to compare the value of the traffic from each source as well as the data from month-to-month and quickly identify trends.
  • HubSpot’s Analytics and Reporting features allow you to quickly see what’s working, what’s not working and make timely decisions to adjust your strategy accordingly, whether to improve performance or leverage performance success.
  • Email Marketing Automation is closely connected with reporting and analysis because the data you get from automated emails can help you improve your return on investment. It’s an ongoing process of reviewing calls-to-action, landing pages, emails and all other assets to make sure that an opportunity isn’t overlooked.

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