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Improve Website Conversion Rates With Personalized Experiences

Giving your website visitors a uniquely tailored experience is an essential strategy for driving customer retention. To improve conversion rates, you want the content on every one of your web pages to pique the interest of every person who visits in a personalized way. To do that, you need to get good at website personalization.

Website personalization is based on how well you know your customers and prospects: their demographics and interests, and how they behave when they’re visiting your website. Marketers use this information to address a visitor’s unique needs, provide them with fitting solutions, and help them act on their desires before they even tell you what they want. Sounds magical, right? But when you offer tailored recommendations and exclusive offers through dynamic content on a webpage, the magic is in there: 91% of consumers prefer to shop with brands that recognize, remember, and provide them with relevant recommendations and offers.

Tips for Creating Great Visitor Experiences with Website Content

Website personalization can improve conversion rates, and that relies on the great content you write. Here are a few tips to get you started.

1. Incorporate buyer personas into your personalization efforts.

Buyer personas represent your ideal customers and could help you understand your target audience better based on data and research. Tailor different versions of your homepage for each of your personas, for instance, and you’ll be creating unique experiences for the actual customers they’re based on. This will allow you to attract different visitors to your website who are more likely to like what they see and click on your offers.

2. Make your calls-to-action undeniable.

A dynamic call-to-action (CTA) performs 202% better than simple, generic prompts. An effective CTA will inspire action, like reading that blog post, taking that survey, leaving that review, starting that free trial, watching that video, and buying that product. You want to make sure, however, that you’re prompting people with relatable reasons to act. You don’t want to ask a visitor who’s already attended your webinar to register for it again. You want them to know that you know they were there, so you offer them the opportunity to be part of another great event you think they’d appreciate and enjoy.

3. Pump up your product recommendations.

Make sure you recommend products to website visitors based on the in-depth information you learn about them. Recommendations are better and more actionable when they make sense for your prospects’ lives. Also, the recommendations will always feel relevant to them, creating a fresh and new experience with every visit.

4. Use custom landing pages to optimize conversions.

We’ve said it before, “A terrific landing page is a conversion machine that works as a 24/7 salesperson for your company.” When you craft a landing page to engage your visitors right where they are on their buyer’s journey, it will be more effective than any other web page on your site for generating new leads. The average conversion rate of a landing page is 26% and they have a 160% higher conversion rate compared to other types of ways to feature calls-to-action.

Advantages Gained from Personalized Web Page Content

Superior Brand Loyalty – When you show people you relate to them, they stick around. Loyal customers may make purchases 90% more frequently but 50% of them have left a brand because a competitor was better aligned with their needs. According to Forbes, two-thirds are open to switching brands if a competitor offers a better experience.

Greater Brand Affinity – There’s loyalty and then there’s happiness. Personalized content helps people feel appreciated. They prefer to interact with brands and businesses that are always bringing a smile to their faces. You want to give them a reason to spend more time on your site and in your store exploring. That’s what personalizing the experience can do.

More Effective Email Campaigns – Instead of your emails ending up in the trash, recipients will open your email and click through to your site because they know there’s relevant content and offers that cater to their needs waiting for them there.

Less Wasted Time for Sales – Part of what website personalization brings to the table is built-in audience segmentation for your sales department. Identifying buyer personas helps define the prospects most likely to become your customers. Writing relatable content, recommendations, and offers that they find meaningful entices prospects to act. This helps your sales team with better-qualified leads and could lead to more effective sales calls.

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