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5 Tips for Successful Content Marketing

If you run a business, creating content is way for you to interact with current and potential customers, develop brand loyalty, and ultimately allow your business to grow. However, just producing the content isn’t enough—you need to know how to market it strategically. Take a look at the tips below to make the best of your content marketing.

1. Blog Regularly

Writing and publishing blogs regularly is a great way to direct traffic to your website. If you take advantage SEO, keywords from your blog will improve your rankings on Google and thus bring more and more people to your page.

Also make sure you are saying something worthwhile in your posts. Use your blogs as an opportunity to put forward some thought leadership—show your clients why your business is the one to trust.

2. Share Content On Social Media

It’s important to diversify the channels where you share your content. In addition to publishing blogs on your website, you should also post on social media platforms. As Hubspot states, “Posting on social media […] is pivotal to amplifying your brand's reach and delivering your content to your customers where you know they spend their time.”

Do some research and take care to tailor your posts to the type of content users want to see on the different platforms. While Instagram users mostly like to see photos and videos, Facebook opens the door a bit more for product promotions and memes.

3. Email Your Content To Current And Prospective Customers 

Email campaigns are an effective way to improve your business’s relationship with the clients you already have and those you hope to acquire. Make sure all your emails are relevant and have a clear purpose.

If you’re sharing a post on your website, include a call to action which will direct users to your site. Remind your clients why you are the best in the business by sharing helpful content.

4. Guest Post On An Industry Blog

Spending some time and effort guest posting on an industry blog has the potential to reap rewards for your business. Posting on another site allows you to reach new audiences—now you’re not just reaching your readership, but the readership of the guest blog.

Doing so will allow you to gain inbound links, since your bio and link to your site will appear alongside your post. As Hubspot notes, “Gaining external links from relevant and authoritative websites is a powerful way to improve search engine rankings.” By giving a little, there’s the possibility of gaining a lot in return.

5. Create Downloadable Content That Requires An Email Address

Another great way to nurture leads is to create downloadable content like this that requires an email address. You offer users some type of free content, and, in return, they give you their email address. Once you have their information, you can nurture them and hopefully turn them into customers.

Depending on your business, you might offer a whitepaper or an e-book as downloadable content. It can be something that demonstrates your expertise in the industry that will be both useful to the reader and also underline your qualifications. 

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