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6 eBook Ideas for B2B Companies in 2022

Gated content like a high-quality ebook is one of the most effective ways to capture more B2B leads. Using an inbound marketing strategy that includes ebooks, you can:

  • Stand out from your competition.
  • Provide prospects with relevant information that adds value for them as they navigate the buyer’s journey. In one study, “66% of all respondents report they prioritize their audience’s informational needs over sales and promotional messaging, and 88% say they’re most successful when following that strategy.”
  • Create a favorable reputation for your company through expertise and authority.
  • Build trust with your target audience.
  • Improve lead quality over time. In a recent content marketing survey by Scripted, respondents use content marketing to nurture subscribers, generate leads (68%), and build loyalty with customers (63%).

So how can B2B companies brainstorm great ideas for ebook content? Here are a few key factors for developing ebooks that deliver.

  • Do thorough research, but … narrow your topic enough so the content you create will resonate with your audience.
  • Understand the challenges that your prospects face, so the content you create will offer solutions.
  • Determine a clear goal for your ebook that aligns with your business objectives so the content you create can have measurable success. In addition, think of a reasonable call-to-action for your audience. After they’ve read your ebook, what do you want people to do?

6 Great eBook Ideas for B2B Companies

These ideas produced for our clients will help you craft a killer strategy for your ebook content production that will deliver results for you in 2022.

1. Focus on News Trends

Watch social media feeds and read a variety of news to find out what your target audience is commenting on and sharing. These are the topics that can motivate them to want to learn more about your company.

Client Example:

Understanding the Impact of Motel Crime

Griswold Law

In California where Griswold Law is located, motel crime has made for disturbing headlines. The realities include shootings, drug busts, and human trafficking to name a few. This ebook reviews the most common types of motel crime, what motel owners, elected officials, and concerned citizens can do to reduce the criminal activities, and how a court-appointed receiver can act as a legal resource in these situations.

2. Create a How-To

When your products or services require vast knowledge like medical or technical expertise, create how-to content to explain complex topics in an easy-to-understand way.

Client Example:

Guide to a Successful Drug Development Technology Transfer


Project management company FlexPro provides insights into the drug development technology transfer process and helps people understand the key elements of a tech transfer. The guide also explains nine key steps companies need to take, including conducting these transfers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

3. Answer Customer Q&A’s

Sometimes the best, and most relevant, ideas come from the feedback you get from your own customers. Use that.

Client Example:

What’s Multifamily Real Estate? Why Multifamily Real Estate Investing is Heating Up in Colorado and Idaho

Life Bridge Capital

In this comprehensive ebook, passive investment firm Life Bridge Capital answers questions about how to start investing in property and also introduces founder Whitney Sewell, who explains why he’s so passionate about passive investing.

New call-to-action

4. Create a Lookbook

If you produce products on a seasonal basis or that need to be showcased, the lookbook is the way to go.

Client Example:

Do You Need Alternatives to Millwork?

Diplomat Closet Design

Wood cabinetry can be expensive, even for a storage solution. That’s why Diplomat Closet Design showcases their smart product line in a “look ebook.” The content highlights its stylish design with images. The product line is a cost-effective alternative to millwork, which can also slow down a home renovation project.

5. Peruse Successful Content Pieces and Combine Them

Do you have a few popular blog posts that you can tie together and create a richer resource? Rework that content with a linear narrative and create an ebook. It doesn’t have to be blog posts either, as our client example shows.

Client Example:

22 Ideas For Your 2022 Video Strategy

New Pace Productions

Not only does this ebook give people creative ideas for tackling four different marketing goals, but it also provides 22 actual videos as examples that the New Pace Productions audience can watch, right from the content piece.

6. Shake Up The Status Quo

Are you an inventor? Does your company have a new approach to a traditional way of doing things? Write an ebook manifesto for your ideas that people will want to learn.

Client Example:

Ensuring Positive Business Outcomes & Results, Leveraging the Success Chain

Leadership Resources

The Success Chain™ is a methodology created by Leadership Resources. The revolutionary Success Chain™ methodology is used in tandem with Leadership Resources’ unique set of coaching services to elevate the skills of existing and emerging leaders within organizations.

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