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Hosting a Webinar? What to Do Afterward to Turn Your Webinar Into Revenue

Companies are always looking for great ideas on how to make more revenue through webinar content. And with good reason.

Most B2B marketers consider webinars an effective way to promote a company. Webinars are also proven to generate sales leads at almost every stage of the buyer’s journey.

In their most recent survey on how business professionals consume work-related content, GoToWebinar finds:

  • Of the 14 major content formats, webinars bring in the largest numbers of professionals (45%) across all industries, B2B and B2C companies, job levels, and ages. Webinars are third only to newsletters (53%) and videos (49%).
  • Webinar content is one of the most engaging content types (25%), second only to video content (35%).
  • 34% of professionals are willing to spend more time attending or watching a webinar, at least 30 minutes or more.
  • Webinars are one of the top ways to influence buyer decisions along with analyst reports, case studies, and videos.

Great Potential For More Leads

Why do webinars have the potential to turn attendees into high-quality leads – as much as 40%?

  • Registrants are more willing to provide accurate information to get access to a webinar.
  • Registrants show genuine interest.
  • The conversion rate for webinars is higher than other lead generation ideas.

Because webinar attendees have such great potential to become great leads, you want a good plan to convert them. One of the ways marketers can expedite a better conversion plan is to get their sales departments involved.

How to Get Sales Involved in Turning Webinar Attendees Into Leads

Surveys suggest 73% of B2B sales leaders believe webinars are the best way to generate high-quality leads. These tips will help them get it done.

  1. Get Social Now

One of our top tips for attracting attendees to your webinar - and nurturing them as prospects - is to start talking about the webinar on social media, immediately.

Once registration for your webinar is available, make sure every one of your sales reps uses LinkedIn to connect with the contacts in their territory who registered. The most effective message for them to send right now? A personal message thanking them for registering.

While they’re at it, your reps can increase awareness for the webinar by posting on a personal page, company pages, and relevant group pages, whether on LinkedIn or other social media platforms.

  1. Utilize In-Webinar Polls

Poll attendees during the webinar to find out if they want to learn more about your company or talk to a sales rep. Not only is this an effective tactic for keeping attendees engaged, but it can get you a higher response rate rather than waiting until the after-webinar email.

New call-to-action

  1. Enable On-Demand Quickly

GoToWebinar found that most people prefer on-demand over live webinars so they can view them on their own time. This suggests that making your webinar available for on-demand viewing is a must-do.

Immediately following your live webinar event, have your sales staff send a link for the recording of the webinar to all attendees, all webinars registrants who didn’t attend, plus other contacts who might be interested in the content. From click data analysis through your marketing tool, you’ll be able to find out how many people clicked to watch the recording.

  1. Follow Up Fast

Within three days of the webinar, have a sales rep follow up with everyone who attended the live event or watched the recording. Add value to the experience and start a relationship with them by making an offer to book a call and help them implement the things they learned during the webinar.

  1. Have Another Invite Ready

Even if people don’t book a call, that’s okay. Have another webinar event ready and in the wings, one that will explore a new topic. Invite them to that webinar, instead.

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