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5 Ways Gated Content Improves Your Lead Quality

Are you getting the most from your gated content? It’s an opportunity to create tons of fresh and profitable leads - real leads, from people who are sincerely interested in what you have to offer.

Gated content requires a user to complete a form before they can access it. The form may just ask for the user's name and email address or might require more details, such as phone number, company name, or job role. 

By keeping some of your most tempting content behind a form, your company can attract not just a high volume of leads, but high-quality leads. These are the kind of leads that truly come from your target audience and lead to measurable revenue.

Here are 5 ways gated content can amp up your lead quality.

1. It Collects Visitor Info You’d Otherwise Not Gain

By gathering even just an email address from someone in exchange for a gated piece of content, you’ve gained something extremely valuable. You’ve obtained another recipient for your email campaigns and nurture campaigns. But even more important than that, you’ve repaired your website in a way that 95% of other website owners haven’t -- by capturing at least a bit of contact information before the website visitor hits the back button and leaves.

Once you begin adding gated content to the website at a steady clip, you’ll notice that your contact database is growing month-over-month and year-over-year. 

2. It Builds Reciprocity

Gated content has an effect on human psychology called reciprocity: when we receive something of value, we naturally feel compelled to give something back in return. So what does this mean for your lead quality?

It means you’re building a personal relationship with someone from the first moment they enter your gate. As they pursue your content, they already feel a bit indebted to you. That’s what motivates them to share their name, email address, and so forth - and it may be what motivates them to make a purchase.

Reciprocity is an important concept in lead generation because it moves your leads down through the marketing funnel more quickly. Suddenly they’re part of your customer journey, building a deeper relationship with your company.

3. It Gathers Helpful Data

Are you gathering data at the gate? Gated content improves your lead quality over time by gathering crucial data from your audience.

Each prospect who enters the gate tells you about who they are, where they’re from, and what they’re interested in. This doesn't mean you have to ask for this information on the forms themselves. Often, you can learn a lot about a contact’s areas of interest just by the content they’re downloading. Gather this data into reports and examine these reports carefully. 

What do you see? Are there surprising audience characteristics? Trends? Geographic areas? Interests?

This data-gathering strategy allows you to see what works and tweak your offers. Refine your content strategy and attract even more leads in the future.

4. It Drills Down into Specific Niches

Your gated content provides a huge opportunity in terms of niche marketing. By writing a whitepaper targeted to a specific market, then tucking it behind your gate, you’re creating a way to reach only the people who are interested in that exact topic and format.

This can be a very good thing for companies that are focused on improving lead quality. Gated content supports audience segmentation and helps you reach precise niches in the marketplace.

5. It Builds Qualified Leads for the Future

Gated content is also a long-term strategy. Over time, your gated content provides helpful information that your audience will come to rely on. In their minds, they’ll be thanking you for helping them solve their problems.

As they move down the path toward becoming a customer, they already have an established relationship with you. This prevents them from straying to competitors, who haven’t provided the same kind of valuable help. When it’s time to take the plunge and become a customer, you’re their go-to solution.

Improve Lead Quality With Gated Content

If you’re ready to boost the quality of your leads with gated content, 11outof11 can help you make it happen. We’re a full-service content marketing agency with a talented team of writers, designers, and lead generation experts.

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