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2024 Revenue Guide: How Many Marketing Touches Are Needed to Gain More Sales?

As we step into 2024, the dynamics of consumer behavior, technological advancements, and market trends continue to shape the relationship between businesses and their prospective customers.

In this blog, we explore the factors influencing the modern buyer's journey, diving into strategies that can navigate the digital realm, allowing businesses to not only reach their audience but also leave a lasting impression that converts potential leads into valued customers. 

Join us as we discuss what you can do to improve the way you nurture prospects to increase response rates in the coming year. 

Marketing Touches – An Important Nurturing Tool

Every time you make a connection with a prospect during their journey to becoming a paying customer, it’s called a touchpoint or touch. With every touch comes the opportunity for you to develop a good relationship with a potential customer. It’s a strategic process where the combination of touches you use should create a satisfying interaction that leaves people happy about doing business with you.

Or, you might weaken the connection, depending on how, when, and the times you decide to use touches to reach out. One thing is certain: marketing touches shouldn’t stop at the point of sale. It’s important to maintain a good relationship before, during, and after they purchase from you. That’s why marketers ask what’s the sweet spot number of touches that will not only nail a sale but nurture the relationship.

The more meaningful points of contact that you can make are (somewhat) personal, such as:

  • a live conversation,
  • an email exchange,
  • a phone call/voicemail/chat,
  • even doing a product or service demo.

Remember that every time someone interacts with your brand, it can be considered a touch. In today’s business environment, social media as a touchpoint cannot be ignored. Your target audience is likely spending several hours a day surfing social media. Don’t let that time be a missed opportunity for you to make a connection. 

How Many Marketing Touches Are Needed?

Some experts say you need at least three touches to make a strong connection and be effective. When we ask our content marketing partner HubSpot, they like the number eight. After that, the effectiveness may start to diminish. It depends on what’s best for your company.

That’s why marketers will keep track of response rates over time with touchpoint testing. The way to conduct accurate touchpoint testing is by selecting a number and using it to engage with every one of your potential customers.

Content Matters

No matter how many times you reach out to prospects, it will likely be ineffective unless you provide new value to them with every touch. Your prospects will notice if the same copied email lands in their mailbox over and over. That’s where a mix of content will help.

This relates to different messaging as well as different types of touches. Create messaging that highlights different solutions for customer challenges. Then divide the messages among several touches for a better outcome. Multiple touches with different messages provide value to the prospect with every touch.

How’s Your Timing?

Almost as important as the frequency of touches is when the touchpoint attempt is made. HubSpot suggests this schedule for better outcomes:

Best time of day: Make a call at 3 p.m. local time or later. Send an email five minutes before and after the hour.

Best days of the week: Thursday and Friday

Best dates of the month: 28 through 31

How to Create Urgency

The way you distribute touches over time will help develop a sense of urgency in prospects to buy. Instead of front-loading your schedule with more messages at the beginning, try back-loading the schedule. In other words, delay your first follow-up by about 12 days to two weeks. After that, increase the frequency until your seventh and eighth touches occur on the same day.

Keep Your Content Library Stocked

Because people do lots of research on their own (and mostly online) before reaching out to one specific company, chances are they start with a blank screen and work from there. This is an opportunity for you to beef up your online presence, improve your marketing touches, and capture more leads.

Lead magnets like tip sheets, guides, white papers, and case studies can provide value to prospects, especially when they’re sent out at the right time for the right reason. Make sure to stock your content library with a variety of pieces that satisfy a comprehensive list of customer inquiries.

Want more ideas for lead nurturing campaigns? Read our article and get a bonus –a guide for navigating content marketing in a challenging market.

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