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Why Inbound Marketing Is Critical (Even When Your Business Is Booming)

When business is going well, companies may pull their foot off the gas when it comes to marketing, especially inbound marketing.

It makes clear sense to market when business is sluggish or down. There's an obvious cause and effect there. Business is slow? Let's do marketing to pick up a few more customers and make up for lost revenue.

But what if business is booming? How can inbound marketing help?

Inbound Marketing Capitalizes On Opportunities

Inbound marketing -- when done right -- is a steady exercise in helping your prospects find your business. Think of it more like aiding consumers in discovering your business and why you're better than other options they may be considering.

Take this example. If you were looking to paint the exterior of your house, but all the painters you've contacted haven't returned your call, you'd quickly become frustrated. But what if you tried searching on a listing app, like Yelp, and found a local painter with 5-star reviews and a promise to return all estimates within 3 days?

Inbound marketing allowed them to learn the pains of their customers (no one is returning my calls) and offer an immediate resolution to that pain.

Even though demand is high and all of the local painters' businesses are booming, the smart, entrepreneurial painter used inbound marketing to further capitalize on a booming market.

Inbound Marketing Automates Sales Tasks

Additionally, inbound marketing can assist in automating some of your sales efforts to make the process easier for both your prospects and your sales team. 

Lead nurturing emails take the load off of the sales team and allow for automating portions of your sales process in a smart, streamlined way.

Inbound Marketing Allows You To Test And Learn

As YFS Magazine advises, the best time to market a business? Now.

When you launch an inbound marketing program, you're suddenly more in-tune with the content your prospects prefer. 

You'll gain marketing insights into critical sales information, such as:

  • uncovering pain points and figuring out the motivations of customer purchase decisions
  • consumers seeing your messaging and the value you create, leading to a higher conversion rate when they're ready to buy (which can be a large advantage when sales hit a slump, and we all know that inevitably happens sometimes)
  • gaining intel and marketing performance data, which allows you to cut out what isn't working and leverage the marketing that is working

There are many quick payoffs to gain when working with a professional inbound marketing agency. However, perhaps the biggest payoff is the marketing savvy you gain and the valuable insurance of a large database of interested customers to leverage for the future.

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