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What Marketing Metrics Should Be On Your Weekly Scorecard?

If you want to know what marketing measurables should be on your EOS® scorecard, we have a great tipsheet for that.

An EOS® scorecard establishes clear performance standards for accountability at every level of your company. Your scorecard data can give you a serious heads up when your actual performance strays too far from your goals.

That’s why it’s so important to build your scorecard from leading indicators, not just leads and sales.

What’s a Leading Indicator?

According to Investopedia, it’s “any measurable or observable variable that predicts a change or movement in another data series, process, trend, or other phenomenon before it occurs.”

Leading indicators prompt business leaders to ask:

  • How can we achieve this goal with a higher level of success?
  • What skills do we need to improve to get the desired outcome?
  • How can we speed up our growth?

When it comes to marketing, leading indicators define the required action to achieve your ultimate goals with measurable outcomes. Mostly, that means the activities that successfully generate more leads and sales for your business.

Download Our Tipsheet

Leading indicators provide benchmarks for meeting overall KPIs and objectives. Our tipsheet boils it down to six suggested metrics to consider for helping you grow your company.

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Download Now: Which Marketing Metrics Should be on Your EOS® Scorecard?

You’ll learn how to track:

  • The ebb and flow of your monthly web traffic.
  • How many qualified leads are becoming new customers.
  • The success of your most important social channel.
  • The growth in your email database.
  • Whether your gated content is attractive to your market.
  • How well your keywords are working.

11outof11 Knows EOS® Measurables

EOS® holds people accountable by creating scorecards for success. 11outof11 utilizes reporting and technology to report on goals for our clients every month. When you’re ready to share your rocks with us, connect with 11outof11. We’ll help you reach them. Request a complimentary call with an 11outof11 expert. Contact Us To Learn More

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