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How to Find Quality B2B Leads and Streamline Prospecting

If your enterprise conducts business-to-business (B2B) transactions, then you know the importance of finding quality B2B leads. 

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Businesses need a prospecting process that isn’t just efficient, but effective. Luckily, with the technology available today, you can help your sales team simplify the way they prospect quality leads and grow revenue. A tool like Amplemarket, for instance, uses the power of AI to help you streamline the entire process and get remarkable results.

How to Find Quality B2B Leads Using Amplemarket

Amplemarket is a virtual sales assistant run from an AI platform that provides focused intelligence for smarter lead generation and is capable of tailoring outreach to engage your best leads and find your next customers.

Businesses using Amplemarket:
  • Have access to over 200M+ global contacts and use sophisticated AI filters to prospect 10 times faster.
  • Connect with ready-to-buy leads at the right time with relevant, accurate messages that always feel personal.
  • Get three times more responses by automating manual outreach with AI.
  • Deliver emails to the right boxes at the right time, with 40% more emails opened.

What differentiates Amplemarket from the rest? They don’t rely on keyword search data. Amplemarket gives you “contact-level intelligence on the exact individuals actively engaging with competitors,” which is more reliable and immediately actionable. It means you’re able to identify who is engaging with your competitors and leverage sales opportunities ahead of them. You’ll have the jump on customer churn.

The Secret Weapon: Buying Intent Signals

How does Amplemarket help you sell smarter with AI? The company analyzes buying intent by watching the activities of your competitors very closely. 

AI tracks the targeted ads, posts, sales interactions, and events of a competitor’s digital footprint on platforms like Google and LinkedIn. Then AI aggregates and evaluates individual engagement, determines a buyer's journey, and assigns a buying intent score or signal for each individual. 

Only the leads that align with the intent criteria are delivered directly to you in real-time. This allows you to:

  • See exactly who is engaging with specific competitors.
  • Personalize your outreach messaging to engage these leads mid-funnel while maximizing ROI.
  • Increase sales, accelerate sales cycles, and stay ahead of the competition.

Request a demo yourself and see if you agree.

Streamline Prospecting and Create a Funnel That Converts

Once you streamline your prospecting process, you’ll want to encourage leads to continue interacting with your business. This is where an email nurture funnel comes in. 

It can help you build a mutually beneficial relationship with each of your prospects by sharing meaningful information and relevant opportunities to connect with you.

Nurturing prospects with email takes skill and practice; the key to an effective email nurture funnel is to get them to respond.

Keep in mind that most B2B leads want to interact with your business on their terms. Prioritizing the customer experience and using marketing strategies that improve conversion at each stage of the buyer’s journey is key. 

To nurture means “to care for and encourage growth or development.” It doesn't mean your messages should sound pushy or like you’re trying to make a sale. When actually nurturing, these emails in your funnel can also:

  • Help you focus on your prospects.
  • Reveal the things that really interest them.
  • Send a personal message to each prospect that’s ultra-personal, i.e., meant for their eyes only.
  • Build your credibility and trust as a thought leader and an expert in your field.
  • Schedule meetings with interested prospects quickly and easily.
  • Encourage your prospects to give you additional sales leads and help with new lead generation.
  • Shorten your sales cycle.


11outof11 Knows Lead Generation

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