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One Reason Why Celebrating Content Marketing Success Is Important

The day has arrived. You and your team have overcome marketing failure with a results-driven content marketing strategy!

Your audience is engaging with it. Your metrics support it. Your business is seeing the results. You worked hard to get here. So, what’s stopping you from celebrating your success?

One of the biggest reasons the celebration itself is so important is that reward can motivate your entire organization to keep the successes coming.

People feel recognized and appreciated. Passions get reignited. Creative energy is sparked by a job well done.

The alternative? Carrying on as if success is not a reason for celebration can wear people out. They get tired of the same old, same old, and eventually, they can experience burnout.

Don’t let that happen.

Reflect on Content Marketing Achievements

While you honor your success, talk about lessons learned with your team. Break down your content marketing to see where and how the good stuff happened. Ask yourselves:

  • Our content generation, execution, and promotion brought in a bigger audience. How can we leverage it?
  • Parts of the project were a lot of fun. What got your creative juices flowing?
  • We made a few tweaks to our plan along the way. Which were great thinking? Which gave surprising results? What was the overall impact?
  • Traffic sources – learn how your audience is finding your content.
  • Impressions – see how many people you reach with your content.
  • Click-through rate (CTR) – gauge whether your content is effective.
  • Content shares and backlinks – measure the perceived quality of your content.
  • Email opt-in rate – grow your list of prospects based on your content.
  • Bounce rate – know whether content on your website gives a great user experience.
  • Keyword rankings – select the right keywords for your content’s desired audience.
  • Which content marketing success metrics measured remarkable results for this project’s success?
  • We achieved great goals through our work. How can we use that in our content marketing and tell the whole world about it?

10 Benefits of Successful Content Marketing

The true success of content marketing is that it influences consumer decision-making more than any other marketing tactic. Study after study proves it. The results-driven benefits of consistent, high-quality, engaging content are many:

  1. You can determine the growth and success of your business with brand messaging that reaches your audience at every touchpoint.
  2. You can establish credibility and a strong reputation as an authority in your industry with relevant content.
  3. You can create positive, enjoyable experiences for your prospects and even inspire them to become loyal customers.
  4. You can improve your popularity on social media with trendy topics.
  5. You can build relationships with your audiences and gain their trust by answering their questions and offering solutions.
  6. You can create a positive association with your business by offering high-quality content in the right place at the right time to the right audience.
  7. You can generate more qualified leads with strategically placed calls to action.
  8. You can improve customer conversions by providing the information people need to make educated purchasing decisions.
  9. You can create brand awareness with content that’s search-engine optimized.
  10. You can cultivate loyal fans who can turn into loyal customers and even brand advocates.

Have You Tried Content Scoring?

One of the innovative metrics that helps with results-driven, successful content marketing is called content scoring. By tracking the performance of specific content pieces, you can access their true potential to engage your audience. You can give certain asset types a score for generating or converting leads before they’re published.

Content scoring is a scientific assessment of content quality that helps you prioritize the assets that can help you most in meeting your content marketing goals. What’s more, the potential for improving the quality of your content is built right into the process.

Content scoring helps you analyze audience responses and quantify what works for them. You’ll better understand the customer journey and their expectations along the way. You can give the content types a higher score when they work for a specific audience segment. In the end, content scoring is a great tool for replicating content marketing success.

Simple Plan for Scoring Content

  1. Develop an effective content scoring system by incorporating the metric that has the most impact on your content engagement, such as page views, social media shares, something else, or several engagement metrics together.
  2. Build a marketing campaign that includes content types that are successful based on your metrics. For example, include blog posts that garnered 100 social media shares if that measure is what you consider high-performing.
  3. Track content performance for each new piece of content you create. When an asset meets your success metric, add it to your campaign. This builds a sample group of high-performing content.
  4. Look for performance patterns in the sample group. Notice anything else that makes those assets perform.
  5. Replicate this process for more insights on future content.
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11outof11 Knows Content Marketing Success

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