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How to Write an Autoresponder Email Series That Sells (Without Being Salesy)

One of the greatest benefits of using autoresponder emails effectively for your business is that it builds trust with your customers. That’s why creating automated emails for forms is number one on our list of ideas for lead nurturing campaigns.

Autoresponders can work hard for you. With just a little effort, you can:

  • Write an email series once and keep adding to it over time.
  • Automate email delivery in a predetermined sequence at preset intervals.
  • Share relevant knowledge, know-how, and even promotional messages about your products and services with people who are already interested in your company.
  • Show off your best content and make relevant offers without being salesy.
  • Create the same valuable experience for every recipient.
  • Determine who wants more of your content from their responses.
  • Create new email lists that cater specifically to responsive recipients.

Research shows almost half of people who use the internet avoid opening emails from unknown addresses. Because your recipients consistently see your emails and know who they’re from, they’ll be more likely to open them. When the content has the right balance of messaging – the kind that addresses their needs while highlighting the advantages of your products and services – recipients will want to learn more. Ideally, they’ll visit your website and end up doing business with you. These progressive steps are initiated by the form autoresponder email ideas that you incorporate into the email series.

About 60% of retail, e-commerce, and consumer goods and services companies are personalizing emails based on past purchases. According to recent research from GetResponse, the single message autoresponder email gets a 98% open rate and a 37% click-through rate. Eight out of 10 people will open a welcome email, which generates four times more opens and 10 times more clicks than other types of email.

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Tips for Writing Awesome Autoresponder Emails

According to a recent article, effective autoresponders “take people who are curious about what you do and turn them into raving fans.” With this in mind, here are eight tips for writing awesome autoresponder emails.

  1. Deliver what you promise. Recipients expect to get that free report, case study, video, or gift immediately. Your email response should provide a way to get it, easily, like a download link.
  2. Make sure content reflects your brand. Use the same voice and tone in your email content as you would when writing or speaking about your brand. If that means personality and flair, add it. If that means expertise and experience, reflect that.
  3. Reveal something good. Every time you include stories about who you are or what your company stands for, you help recipients get to know and trust you. This can be worked into the knowledge you want to teach, the relevant information you want to share, and the usefulness you want to convey.
  4. Emphasize connection. Encourage recipients to respond to emails, discuss further on your website or blog, and participate in conversations with you. Make sure to share all of the ways they can connect with you, especially social media, other content subscriptions, and more. 
  5. Plan the email sequence before writing. Outline the number of autoresponder emails and a suitable delivery schedule for each. Start with a welcome message and build the sequence from there - at least three to five messages per series. Avoid sending more than one related message in a day. Plan separate delivery schedules for different autoresponder messages so recipients don’t get them on the same day.
  6. Write for one ideal customer. Learn who your ideal customer is and connect with them, instead of trying to appeal to all.
  7. Avoid selling too much. Only add relevant offers when it feels organic or natural, instead of pitching in every email.
  8. Make your series a living document. Review your messages frequently for relevance and usefulness. Edit, re-write, re-frame, or add to the message sequence to add freshness, topicality, successes, or more usefulness.

5 Form Autoresponder Email Ideas That Sell Without Being Salesy

  1. Give people a win. Offering solutions that can be implemented in five minutes or less can quickly turn prospects into fans. They’ll associate your content with a great experience and likely click on your emails fast.
  2. Ask subscribers for their input. Invite people to share their preferences with you. Encourage them to take a survey or ask them a question that they could answer with an email reply. Ask things like, “How did you find us? What challenges are you facing that we could help with? What other related topics are you interested in?” Their answers will give you ideas for more emails, and also more blog posts, podcast episodes, and other content.
  3. Share success stories. Write a case study that outlines how a client achieved measurable success with your product or service. Include actionable steps people can take right now to achieve similar results.
  4. Give additional resources. Provide a list of research ideas for achieving their goals, such as books, classes, websites, podcasts, forums, how-to videos, seminars, tech gadgets, webinars, and other tools.
  5. Tell your company’s origin story. People love knowing where you’re coming from. It gives them the kind of relatable information that builds relationships and motivates them to learn more.

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