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How to Get More Leads from Your Website

Your website has the potential to be a goldmine when it comes to leads. However, you can’t just sit and wait for your website to start generating leads. There are a number of things you should be doing to ensure that your site is providing you with quality leads and a high conversion rate.

Everyone wants more qualified leads from their website. Review the list of website must-haves below to see if your website is conversion-ready or not. Some of these things are easy to fix right away!

Keep Your Website Current

An outdated website doesn’t just create opportunities for confused visitors who don’t know for sure where you are located, what time you are open, or how to get in touch with you. Those are definitely problems that people with outdated websites encounter, but this is important: it’s not just about having up-to-date information.

You also need to have an attractive, up-to-date appearance to your site with the kinds of functions that visitors expect to see from an excellent company.

Things that make your website look outdated include fuzzy pictures, static site design, and weird fonts.

Meanwhile, features like high res images, live chat options, a blog that is frequently updated with accurate and meaningful content, and downloadable content offers can ensure that in 2020 and beyond, your site reflects the fact that your company is current and relevant.

Drive Traffic to Your Website Through SEO

Do you have an SEO strategy?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it is a way of ensuring that your company shows up early in the listings of search results. Keyword research will help you know what words and phrases to include on your website to ensure that the right leads end up on your site.

One important thing to remember is that SEO doesn’t happen overnight, and it doesn’t happen without intentionality. You have to be proactive in creating content on your site that drives relevant traffic.

Develop a Content & Inbound Marketing Strategy

One of the best ways to drive SEO traffic is to develop a strong content marketing strategy. Content marketing, which is alternatively called inbound marketing, is all about providing visitors with content that they actually want.

Meaningful content that is keyword-driven helps to build your reputation as a credible and reliable company. It also promotes your brand with positive associations! You can build content that helps you show that you are knowledgeable, friendly, professional and an expert in your area.

What is a Good Conversion Rate, Anyway?

That’s a great question! The answer is actually dependent on a number of factors, including what industry you work in. The average conversion rate varies from industry to industry, so it is important to work with a company that understands what the ideal conversion rate is for your products and services.

Your Website’s Job is to Generate Leads

Is your website doing its job?

Are you regularly getting email subscriptions, inquiries, and contact information from potential buyers? Are you able to consistently follow up on generated leads? Does your website traffic indicate that the visitors to your site are good potential buyers, or are you getting a bunch of people who aren’t going to end up buying because they’re not the right customer profile?

These are all questions you can talk about with our experts here at 11outof11.

We’re Here to Help!

If you are not sure where to start, 11outof11 can help. Every day, we assist our clients in making smart web design and development choices!

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