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How to Create an EOS® Marketing Strategy that Scales With Your Business

Scale up. Scale back. Expand and contract as your business grows and becomes more nimble.

These are the normal fluctuations that naturally happen in successful companies. Sometimes you’re ready to grow, grow, grow, and other times, it’s more important to slim down and take advantage of newly-discovered efficiencies.

Through it all, here’s some great news: The Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS) can scale with your company, no matter what comes. It has the built-in flexibility to adapt to any size or scope of business.

The EOS® Marketing Strategy Unleashes a Laser Focus

For an EOS-run business, the core strength of the company is found in a solid small business marketing plan. The EOS process helps companies avoid trying to be everything to everyone, and instead creates an intense focus on a small subset of top priorities.

This makes your marketing plan much more cohesive and keeps your team working closely together toward accomplishing the same goals - even your biggest, most challenging goals! That’s why 11outof11 says EOS adds magic to your marketing.

Scalability is a key ingredient in this magic potion. It allows a company to grow without fear of exceeding its business capabilities, its human resources, or its financial sense.

When your team has the confidence that comes with scalability, every opportunity is easier to consider. Your company can stop telling potential clients, “I’m not sure if we can do that,” and start answering, “Yes, please! Let’s do it!”

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How Does the EOS Model® Offer Scalability?

The EOS business model is scalable because it’s size-irrelevant. Whether a company has three people or thirty thousand or more, the EOS system is based on the same concepts.

The Six Key Components™ of The EOS Model®:

  • Vision: Keeping everyone on the same page
  • People: Accomplishing amazing things with an amazing team
  • Data: Decision-making based on metrics, not assumptions
  • Issues: Breaking down barriers through expert problem-solving
  • Process: Systemized consistency and scalability
  • EOS Traction®: Embracing accountability and discipline to stay on track

These EOS components form the basis of an open, transparent business with a flexible mindset. As you can see from the list above, scalability is built right into the process!

As an example, look at the EOS Toolbox™ every 11outof11 client receives when upgrading a small business marketing plan to an EOS Traction® business. The Toolbox is designed around the principle that “complexity reduces effectiveness,” so every tool is simple, easy to understand, and useful at any scale.

Scale Up and Find Success With 11outof11

If you’re curious to see how we work with EOS-run businesses, reach out to 11outof11. We’ll offer you a complimentary call with a small business marketing expert. 

We’re an EOS® Agency! Contact us to learn more.

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