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Content Quality vs. Content Quantity (What's Most Important?)

When it comes to the quality and quantity of business content, which is most important?

Our answer? Create as much content as you can without sacrificing quality. And by quality, we mostly mean relevance.

We say this because the two aren’t mutually exclusive. Quality and quantity work hand in hand to get content that resonates with your audience (quality) in front of as many of them as possible (quantity). In our experience, this is the path to content marketing success.

Inbound content creators and thought leaders like 11outof11 have been debating the quality-quantity question ever since “content” became a thing. Many of us agree.

Take Michael Brenner, for example, international keynote speaker, author, and a content marketing influencer. He’s asked constantly whether companies need more content or better content to establish marketing success. His answer? They need more, better content.

There it is.

So now, the discussion starts to revolve around creating a content plan that weighs content quality and content quantity in a complimentary way.

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But First … Learn the Meaning

What does content quality mean? It’s an opinion of your audience on how well your content answers the questions they’re seeking online, known as search intent. This determination is largely subjective based on the individual needs of your audience members. Each one will have different preferences and will take into consideration things like subject matter expertise, years of experience, product or service reputation and so forth. Content creators are concerned with the style, voice, and tone of the content – how long should it be, how accurate it is, how it should be presented and how enjoyable it is to read, view, and listen to.

What does content quantity mean? It’s the number of content pieces published consistently over time. This factual measurement is often defined through a content editorial schedule. It answers the questions, how much content should you produce and how often should you publish it.

How does the combination of quality and quantity help your content stand out in a crowd? It’s how we came up with our answer: Create as much content as you can without sacrificing quality and relevance.

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11 Considerations For Creating the Right Amount of High-Quality Content

  1. Consider whether planning a publishing schedule first might help your content creators to produce engaging, helpful, and entertaining content that inspires your audience to action. Deadlines can be a significant call-to-action to create better content.
  2. Demand high standards of quality, no matter how many pieces of content you produce.
  3. Think about how well your content expresses the company’s unique point of view and couple that with the number of content pieces it will take to increase your share of customer conversations.
  4. Review research on optimal content quantity and how content quality fits in. For instance, HubSpot suggests blogging three to four times a week if you’re focusing on organic traffic and increasing clicks is your goal. The key here is to keep your marketing goals top of mind.
  5. Consider how more content can drive more ways for you to answer your customers’ questions with high-quality, relevant content.
  6. Examine all of the ways you can express ideas and expertise in high-quality content before deciding on just one, such as the written word and also recorded words and pictures.
  7. Consider producing different kinds of content to address different goals, such as blog posts, videos, webinars, PowerPoint presentations, SlideShares, infographics, podcasts, interviews, eBooks, newsletters, case studies, curated content – the list is endless.
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  1. Make the production process easier by creating content on subjects that you are comfortable with.
  2. Think about using customers’ questions and comments as ideas for future content (it’s one of the things we do at 11outof11, and it works out great!)
  3. Hire a content marketing agency to produce high-quality content for you if you’re not a writer or don’t have time to create it yourself.
  4. Review social media posts to get new ideas for content.

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