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4 Ways a Marketing Agency Supports a Sales Team to Generate More Closed Deals

When marketing and sales work together, lead generation and deal closing are more robust. It’s no surprise, especially since targeted content creation has risen to the top of strategic marketing functions that get the sales job done.

This bread-and-butter relationship begins with a thorough understanding of your buyer’s journey. When both marketing and sales know who your buyer is, how their purchasing process progresses, and the obstacles they may face along the way, it’s much easier to produce marketing content that speaks to your buyers’ specific challenges, offering solutions that your products and services provide.

How a marketing agency works with your sales team is key to having them actually use the content made to support their efforts. Here are four ways marketing agencies can impact revenue generation by helping to close sales deals.

1. Customization of deal stages to meet the specific needs of each sales process.

A sales pipeline helps you visualize where prospects are in the sales process and shows your sales team how many deals are expected to close in a given timeframe.

Deal stages are the steps in your sales pipeline that show when a potential deal is moving toward a successful close. The stages include:

  • lead generation
  • lead nurturing
  • marketing qualified lead
  • sales accepted lead
  • sales qualified lead
  • closed deal
  • post-sale

Customizing deal stages to best suit a sales team’s needs is one of the pipeline management tools that marketing agencies use to support the movement of leads from qualification to close.

2. Creation of sales sequences and templates to help the sales team easily automate repeatable outreach to prospects.

Sales automation tools help sales teams close more deals quicker. Marketing agencies can streamline your sales process to:

  • Rotate leads
  • Create deals
  • Automate tasks
  • Manage data in bulk
  • Increase response rates
  • Never lose touch with a prospect

Sales sequences can be personalized and tailored for prospects’ specific needs. Your most effective sales outreach content can be transformed into templates that can be shared with the entire sales team.

3. Establish a successful process for identifying, building, and using content creation.

Marketing agencies will collaborate with their sales counterparts frequently to:

  • Make sure marketing content answers buyer questions rather than focusing on product features.
  • Make it easy for sales teams to access marketing content, review what is available, and find what they’re looking for.
  • Make sales engagement analytics available to see how and when sales is using content, how prospects are interacting with content, and how unused content can be improved.
  • Make sure content can be personalized to strengthen the customer relationship and build trust.

4. Application of advanced marketing services that address custom sales queries or challenges, such as lead scoring.

Lead scoring helps sales teams identify prospects who are really interested in their product and services and those who are just starting to look for solutions. Marketing agencies will assign values to each lead generated based on six different lead scoring models based on the type of data they can collect from the people who engage with your business:

      1. Demographic Information
      2. Company Information
      3. Online Behavior
      4. Email Engagement
      5. Social Engagement
      6. Spam Detection

Lead scoring helps marketing and sales teams prioritize leads, respond to them appropriately, and increase the chances of leads becoming customers.

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