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11outof11 Launches A Podcast Especially For Female Entrepreneurs

Where do successful female entrepreneurs go to talk business? We’ve got just the place.

Introducing a business podcast especially for women where female entrepreneurs share insights into the common challenges of business life that all leaders face, especially women.

The Female Entrepreneur Podcast is designed to build a lively community of female entrepreneurs where we can discuss today’s most pressing issues that women business owners and leaders face, unleash our growth mindset, and offer spot-on solutions for listeners. The podcast fills a void where little content is made especially for growth-focused female entrepreneurs.

The Female Entrepreneur Podcast is hosted by 11outof11 President Angela Pointon, who shares her own insight into a business woman’s life, in addition to engaging in insightful conversation with other female thought leaders on a variety of topics.

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Future episodes will contain interviews with other female entrepreneurs. However, the first episode is just with Angela herself. Listen as Angela shares her insights into what it’s been like for her as a female entrepreneur so far. The first episode of The Female Entrepreneur Podcast is available now.

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