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Why Your Website Should Be Redesigned Every Year

When your website always stays the same, it’s beyond boring - it can actually come off as a bit careless and unfriendly. It makes your audience think, “Why don’t they care enough to update this?”

A stale website drives people away and causes them to seek out something more interesting. We live in a highly visual world where the scenery changes constantly. Every time someone glances at their smartphone, they are presented with all kinds of new and exciting things to see.

Here’s something to think about: People are starting to think of company websites the same way they think of text messages and social media apps: as a feed of fresh information. If your feed always stays the same, it can make your company look stagnant.

Find Out If Your Website Fails The Blink Test

A site with outdated web design is probably failing The Blink Test, which is the 3-5 seconds most people are willing to give you before moving on to something else.

Here are 4 common problems that cause Blink Test failure:

Slow loading. A few years back, people were still willing to give websites 4 to 6 seconds to load. Today? It’s 2 seconds. If your homepage doesn’t load in 2 seconds, you’ll easily lose 40% of your audience.

Not mobile friendly. If your site was designed to look perfect on a desktop computer but doesn’t look great on a smartphone, that’s a huge blunder. Seek web design help immediately, because mobile traffic is now 50% of all web traffic.

Boring headlines. 80% of people just read your headlines and skip the paragraphs. Work with a web design company that can provide attention-grabbing copywriting that keeps your audience’s attention.

Monotony. Is everything on your site the same, same, same? Same mottos. Same photos. Same colors. Same format you’ve been using for years. It’s time to show your audience you have something new and compelling to say.

Your SEO is Outdated

If you bought some SEO services a few years ago, that was a good move. But here’s the thing: It’s already outdated. SEO evolves rapidly because the internet changes every minute. It may be time for a large-scale update.

It’s like investing in office cleaning services. You wouldn’t hire a company to clean your office once, and then assume it will stay clean for years to come. It needs routine maintenance to keep it sharp.

For example, look at how things have changed with blogging. Five or ten years ago, most companies were writing short blog posts that were 300 to 500 words long and simply posting them to their website. There wasn’t much keyword research or social sharing going on.

But things have changed. Google has refined its algorithm to see every little choice you make in wording, formatting, and sharing. Short posts don’t cut it anymore. Social sharing is a must. A site that doesn’t follow the rules will get completely buried in Google’s rankings.

The new approach to getting maximum results from blogging is to conduct keyword research, create pillar pages based on your target categories, and link your pillar pages to blog posts that are at least 1,000 to 1,300 words long. This is the kind of behavior that gets Google’s attention.

Now, take a moment to think about what’s involved in doing all of that:

  1. First, your website needs a modern SEO update.
  2. This means you’ll need some keyword research and strategy.
  3. Your site needs pillar pages and probably a new design logic.
  4. You also need new blog posts that are at least 1,000 words each.

It’s a lot to tackle! But it’s worth doing, because you’ll rank much higher with search engines and attract droves of new visitors to your site.

Think of all the potential site visitors you’re missing. Those new visitors are valuable. They’re potential customers and loyal fans who will spread your message to the world.

If they don’t visit your site, where are they going? To your competitors? That’s a lot of missed opportunity. Don’t let customers slip through your fingers, merely because your website is stale.

You Need More Personality

Savvy web users are tired of the same old corporate-looking websites that are full of stock photos. They’re sick of silly mottos and cliches. If something looks fake or cheesy, people will sense it quickly and move on.

The brands that succeed today - the ones that break through the noise of the internet - are the brands that show some genuine personality. While following best practices of web design, these companies find a way to be quirky and unique.

Here are some quick tips for injecting personality into your web design:

  • Use (professionally-shot) real, engaging photos of your space, team, and customers
  • Design with big, creative headlines that show your company’s personality
  • Make your page more shareable, with social links and fresh content
  • Add creative CTAs (calls-to-action) that are focused on the audience’s needs
  • Turn your site into an interactive experience with videos, social sharing, and innovative formats that make your brand feel friendly and fresh

If you can take all of these pointers and put them into action, people will enjoy your site and be more open to what you have to say. They’ll welcome your messages.

One more thing: If you have a strong company philosophy, or if you do a lot of good in the community, don’t be shy about saying it. Consumers, especially those under age 35, care about companies’ ethics and social responsibility.

Your Last Update Was More Than 1 Year Ago

Freshness matters. If you haven’t updated your website in 12 months, it’s already been too long. Lots of small, old-fashioned problems with your site are building up and limiting your viewership.

As we head into the 2020s, Forbes says the new normal is annual website redesign. It helps you stand out in the chaos of the internet, and it’s the only way to ensure your site is always completely up to date and drawing maximum traffic.

At 11outof11, we’re website design and development experts who believe in the power of of an annual website update. But we also understand that it’s a huge task for a busy company, and that’s why we’re here to help.

Connect with us now for an energizing discussion about refreshing your web design. We’re ready to turn your site into a bold, memorable experience for your audience.

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