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Increasing Authority With Evergreen Content

Evergreen content stays fresh year-round, even as the marketplace changes. Whether your audience views it today or sometime in the future, your thought leadership piques interest and remains relevant.

As people continue accessing your unique content over time, your positive reputation further expands. Evergreen content is proven to build brand authority. Some marketing experts have even called it the golden ticket to growth.

Leveraging Thought Leadership in Your Content

The best evergreen content is based on your company’s expertise in your industry. Ideally, your subject matter experts (SMEs) share their insights and knowledge, which become tip sheets, infographics, whitepapers, and other forms of long-lasting content.

Of course, producing vast amounts of evergreen content isn’t easy. It takes time, resources, and mental effort from your SMEs and marketers. Research from the Content Marketing Institute shows that 46% of B2B marketers are juggling multiple forms of content simultaneously, including advertising, content marketing, SEO, and much more.

We’d like to help you generate high-quality content with staying power. Below are four ways to start producing better, more effective evergreen content.

4 Tips for Creating Effective Evergreen Content

1. Shake Up Stale Content

Do you have old blog posts, articles, and listicles sitting in your archives? Assign a content writer to blow off the cobwebs and take a new look at these valuable pieces of content. 

For example, bring together concepts from dozens of old blog posts and reformat them into a helpful glossary of common terms used in your business. You can also summarize years of trends from existing articles into eye-catching infographics. Get creative with it! Your audience will appreciate seeing fresh takes on timeless ideas.

2. Share on Social Media

Evergreen content isn’t just what you publish. It’s also how people respond. Their comments, questions, and thumbs-ups are all examples of evergreen content. Capture it all and make it part of your online experience.

Are you engaging with your audience across multiple social media channels? Next time you publish a new piece of content, add a widget for social media comments and user feedback. 

When the time comes to refresh your evergreen pieces, you’ll have an assortment of user-generated content for an on-page FAQ.

3. Focus on “How To”

How-to guides are one of the most effective forms of evergreen content, and they have enduring popularity. People find them helpful and easy to read, especially when all they want is a set of simple steps.

As you create your how-to guides, try to find a balance of sustainability and timelessness. Show the reader how to take action right now, no matter when they happen to be reading it. Instead of peppering your guides with statistics that might go stale fast, focus on decades-long trends and broader insights that provide “Aha!” moments.

4. Build Your Content Connections

Don’t forget to interweave your evergreen deliverables into other forms of content, like product and pillar pages. This helps your company get the most out of every piece while providing more opportunities to increase digital leads and conversions.

For example, an evergreen piece can be nestled behind a “Learn More” button on a pillar page, encouraging the reader to keep going. Before they know it, they’re spending more time on your website and building a closer relationship with your company.

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