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Creating the Right Email for the Right Audience

Would you rather have 1% appeal to 99% of the world, or 99% appeal to 1% of the world? (Psst: Choose the second option because 1% of the world is 78 million people! Your business would thrive with 99% of their attention).

The question above deals with the idea of audience segmentation. To have a successful business, you don’t have to attract 100% of the people on Earth. You only need to convince a very slim segment of people to do business with you.

That’s why email segmenting is such an important part of email marketing. By choosing to segment your audiences, you can send emails that speak directly to each audience from new leads to loyal fans. Here are some email segmentation tips for creating the right email for the right audience, every time.

To Get Read, Get Relevant

One of the most important concepts in email marketing is relevance. If an email doesn’t seem applicable to someone, they’re unlikely to read it or even open it. An irrelevant email will be ignored and the sender could be instantly blocked.

People are barraged by an avalanche of email every day. The average person with an office job receives 121 daily emails, and what makes a single email stand out is its relevance to their daily life. 

But businesses often misunderstand what relevance really means. Too often, a company will blanket their entire email database with an email promoting a specific product or service. 

What about your loyal customers who are already aware? The email isn’t relevant to them, and might even feel a bit insulting.

So next, let’s take a closer look at testing and segmenting appropriately to make sure you’re sending the right messages.

Segment, Test, Repeat

Before sending messages in a new email campaign, divide your market into customer segments based on your audience’s needs and their place in the customer journey with you. Put yourself in their shoes and categorize them based on the primary problem they need to solve related to your business.

Next, begin creating two emails for each audience segment. Why two emails? Because it’s important to do A/B testing, or analyzing the success of multiple versions of the same email.

A/B testing allows you to phrase things in different ways, see what gets the best response, and hone your messaging over time. You can tinker with the offer, subject line, headline, call to action, layout, photos, illustrations, customer quotes, links, and everything else. Keep what works and drop what doesn’t.

Make it Easier With Email Automation

Audience segmentation is even easier and faster with the help of some email marketing automation. A digital platform keeps your customer contact information organized and allows you to sort messages by segment.

For example, you can target an email to reach only your newest customers and avoid sending new-customer offers to your loyal base of buyers. Or you can send a customized offer just for the customers who are interested in a specific type of product or service.

Get Expert Help With Audience Segmentation

When you need to develop customized messages that resonate with your audience, 11outof11 can help. We’re ready to help you craft compelling emails that deliver results for your company.

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