Podcast: The Female Entrepreneur Show

Episode 6: Let It Go: Delegating and Elevating Yourself

Is there too much on your plate? Are you trying to do "all the things"? As female entrepreneurs, we often take on more than we need to and may even be subconsciously validated by being so busy. If this sounds like you, listen to this episode with Emily Morgan of Delegate Solutions.

Episode 5 - How Female Leaders Tend to Think

Ever wonder if female leaders run things differently? In this episode, we get a special insight into whether female leaders look at things differently or lead with a different mindset. Gain the unique vantage point from two Certified EOS Implementers who work with male and female entrepreneurs.

Episode 4 - Selling Differently

If you need help with sales, new sales ideas, or just want to look at sales differently, listen to this episode. Gain insights from former sales team leader turned marketing agency owner, Maggie Swift.

Episode 3 - Why Flexible Work is Always Possible

Has the pandemic opened the eyes of business leaders and shown companies that work doesn't have to always be 9-5? Or will things revert back to old expectations? This show's guest, Heather Steiger, thinks that flexible work and work looking differently should have always been a reality and is definitely here to stay. Listen to this refreshing episode.

Episode 2 - Going from Corporate Marketing to Owning a CMO Agency

Do you ever catch yourself dreaming of a totally new life and career? Maybe something that's similar to what you're doing now, but more on your own terms? That's exactly what Jennifer Zick did when she launched Authentic Brand, her fractional CMO agency. Listen to what Jennifer has learned along the way as she chartered her own journey toward entrepreneurship.

Episode 1 - A Preview of this Podcast

Ever dream of starting a podcast of your own? Not me. The idea for The Female Entrepreneur Show didn't come from a wish list or a bucket list. Instead, it stemmed from some research I did on podcasts for women-owned businesses. This episode covers the "why" behind this new podcast.

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